Megan Fox joined Instagram and immediately posted a stunning make-up free selfie. Thanks for that, Megan.

She’s a movie goddess with two tiny children. And now she’s got an Instagram account, too.

Now we all have a reason to love Megan Fox even more.

We know this may come as a surprise but mum-of-two and movie goddess type Megan Fox just joined Instagram. We know.

Now while Megan may be a little behind in the technology department, she hasn’t wasted any time at all when it comes to uploading photos.

Her second-ever post was a make-up free selfie that has us all wishing we had Megan’s perfectly even complexion.

Megan has two sons, Noah, 5 months, and Bodhi, who’s almost two.

She posted the pic under the username the_native_tiger and already has nearly 200,00 followers after just 5 days. Have a look:

A-ma-zing. Right? Megan captioned the pic with "First IG selfie. Early morning??no makeup ??filter????"

"Women don't have to be desperate and try so hard. Allow yourself to be strong and powerful, and men will be crawling on their hands and knees" Megan told Cosmopolitan in a recent interview.

We hear you Megan, we hear you.


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