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There are some very specific rules around re-gifting this Christmas.

Christmas is without a doubt the most expensive time of year, and these days, more and more of us are regifting to help save a bit of coin.

But there’s a right way to regift something and a wrong way to regift something. Read through our dos and don’ts to make sure you’re not caught out in a social faux pas.

The don’ts

1. Don’t regift expensive presents

First things first, don’t make it obvious. For example, If you’re regifting a pricey watch to someone you just met, the new receiver is probably going to get suspicious and start asking questions.

Plus, regifting something pricey puts an extra level of pressure on the receiver that you don’t want. So make sure that when it comes to expensive gifts, you do the right thing up front. Admit to the original gifter that you don’t like it and exchange it for something you do like!

2. Don’t regift stuff you’re not 100% sure they’ll like

Speaking of exchanges, it’s going to be really awkward if the new receiver asks to exchange your gift (for sizing, fit or colour reasons, for example) and you have to awkwardly pretend that you “lost” the original receipt.

Clothing, jewellery and shoes are all items that run the risk of not being quite right and needing to be exchanged. Remember, everyone has different tastes, so make sure you steer clear of anything that the new receiver might want to take back.

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3. Don’t regift presents with meaning

This one should go without saying. If someone’s made a gift by hand, just for you, specifically crafted to your specific tastes or needs, it’s probably not appropriate to regift it to someone else.

Because the original gifter worked so hard on either making the item or picking it out especially for you, it should stay with you even if you don’t like it or particularly need it.

4. Don’t regift within the same circles

This is the biggest ‘don’t’ when it comes to regifting. Think of it as the golden rule: make sure that you’re not creating a situation where you’ll be obviously caught out.

What if your girlfriend gave you a top that she later spots on another friend of yours when you go out together? You’re in for the high jump then. If you must regift, make sure that the original gifter and the new receiver aren’t about to run into each other and compare notes.

5. Don’t regift used items

Would you want to receive a used gift? Neither does your new receiver. Steer well clear of this regifting no-no.


The dos

1. Do regift generic presents

It’s easy to regift something that isn’t sentimental and that doesn’t have a lot of meaning attached to it. Maybe you’ve got a Jurlique moisturiser or a good DVD box set? These items are generic enough that you could get away with regifting them easily.

2. Do regift good stuff that isn’t quite right for you

If you’re a gold girl that got silver, or a Nintendo Switch owner that got a PlayStation game, you’re well on your way to regifting those items to someone who could really appreciate them. Repurposing these gifts into something that can bring someone else joy is a great way to regift.



3. Do wrap the present again

Wrapping presents is a pain, but if you use the same wrapping paper when regifting, you’re more likely to be caught out.

Besides, don’t you still want to add that personal touch to your present, even if it is a regift? Do the right thing! It’s not hard to put just a little bit of effort in to show that you put some thought into the gift.

4. Do give a nice card

While we’re on the subject of re-wrapping presents, make sure you include your own thoughts on a nice new card. Include your own in-jokes, thoughts and memories to make the gift as personal as possible.

5. Do regift your “extras”

If you received two of the same perfume or three of the same candle, you’ve got prime gear for regifting. Just make sure you follow the above rules so that you’re not caught out.

6. Do regift with the best of intentions

Make sure you’re always regifting with the thought of your new receiver in mind. You’re giving a gift to delight them and make them happy, after all, not just to placate yourself by clearing out your clutter. If you receive a new coffee maker but you’re strictly a tea girl, think of someone in your life who loves coffee and give it to them. That’ll really make their day!

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