This picture is more than just a d*ckhead in an offensive tshirt.

He’s a dickhead. In a tshirt. But that’s not the only thing.

Yesterday, a man wore a tshirt to Coachella — one of the biggest music festivals in the world.

This is it:

Yes, he’s pretty chuffed with himself.

He’s probably pleased because someone paid attention to him. Made him feel special.


All because he wore a controversial tshirt and everybody looked at him.

He is clearly a dickhead. A dickhead who is desperate for the attention of other people. A pathetic, lonely dickhead.

But this is bigger than just one dickhead in a tshirt.

This guy was let into a festival venue. As one of the world’s biggest music events, Coachella would have had a horde of security guards searching bags for contraband. But for some reason, they thought this shirt was OK.

And a lot of people would have walked past this guy. A lot of people stood with him and listened to music. He’s got a smile on his face, so it’s fair to suggest that he isn’t getting a lot of negative feedback about his clothing.

And – this is the mind-blowing thing – unless he made it himself, there is someone who designed this shirt, a factory somewhere that makes it and a shop that sells this shit.

This guy is a dickhead. But he’s also a walking, talking, fucking-stupid-tshirt-wearing example of a culture that thinks that violence against women is not only ok, but that it’s funny.

He’s a dickhead in a tshirt. He is meaningless. But the fact that he’s wearing it at that place and at that time – that says so much more.