The 3 makeup products you should avoid on rainy days

Image: Thinkstock.

It’s been one of the driest winters in Eastern Australia this year, but the next four days will change all that. The deluge or ‘Rainmageddon’ has hit the east coast thanks to a low pressure system, which is causing gale force winds and rain, SO MUCH RAIN.

I’ll stop pretending I’m a meteorologist now and stick to what I do know; makeup. If like me, you do not wish to turn up to work with soaking wet hair plastered to your face again, then read on for the best makeup and hair swaps to make during the deluge. This also counts as an everyday makeup look if you live in Melbourne or Hobart. (Sorry, not sorry.)


1. Skip powder foundation for matte tinted moisturiser.

Put down the compact. It may prevent your oily skin from shining but in the wet you’re better off with a long-wearing tinted moisturiser or stick foundation – depending on the coverage you want.

Try: Maybelline Fit Me Shine-Free Foundation Stick, $15.95. (FYI: it’s now 1/2 price at Priceline.)

I use this on the days my skin is misbehaving and I need a bit more coverage. It’s easy to apply: draw it on your t-zone and blend outwards, and it’ll stay in place all day. It also provides the best base for cream blush (see below).

Try: Mecca Cosmetica In A Good Light Tinted Moisturiser SPF30, $50.

I tried this new addition to the Mecca Cosmetica brand range late last week, and I’m already in love with it. The light shade is perfect for pale girls (they’ve also released medium and dark shades), as it provides sheer, glowy coverage with a matte finish. It has a Sun Protection Factor of 30, yet it doesn’t whiten your skin like some tinted moisturisers that contain zinc.

2. Skip bronzer, sub in cream blush.

Today is not the day for contouring, so skip the shadows and bronzers and instead add a pop of colour to your face with a cream blush.

Try: Revlon PhotoReady Creme Blush, $26.95.

The Revlon PhotoReady range has plenty of fans thanks to their PhotoReady Airbrush Mousse Makeup and Skinlights Face Illuminator, and the creme blush is just as good. It’s long-wearing, and you can apply it in a flash with your fingers – a good thing since your commute is going to take four times as long.


3. Skip lipgloss for a long-lasting lipstick.

You know how lip gloss is annoying even on summer days? You try a hair flick and end up with a mouth full of hair stuck to your lipgloss. (Just me?) Well, magnify that feeling by 1000 on windy days. No thanks.

Try: Bourjois Paris Color Boost Lip Crayon, $15.

It’s not the original lip crayon but Bourjois Color Boost is just as good. It isn’t sticky, nor will it dry out your lips. It contains an SPF15, yes, you need it even during the deluge. It lasts for more than eight hours, yet, it isn’t a total pain to remove. My favourite colour is Red Sunrise – it’s one of those rare pigments that look great on both cool and warm skintones.


Okay, you’ve got a few options here. A topknot, a ponytail, or a complicated crown braid will all survive the gale, but for a super quick upstyle that will get your hair out of your face and look like you’ve actually put effort in, try a low twisted upstyle like this one below by Hair Romance.


If all else fails… throw on a floppy hat. Blackbirds felt hat $29.95

And you’re going to need some wet weather gear to go with your hair and makeup.

Hunter gumboots are currently on sale at The Iconic (and they deliver within 3 hours), and Aussie designed Blunt umbrellas are tested to winds of 117 km/hr so this is one brolly you won’t be putting in a street bin on your way to work. From $69.


How do you deal with your hair and makeup on windy, rainy days? Share your tips below.