Meanwhile, it's bloody RAINING SPIDERS in Australia.

Everyone, pack your bags. We’re leaving this country.

It’s spider-raining season in Australia.


Millions of baby spiders are raining down in Goulburn, New South Wales. And it’s not even unusual.

Apparently, some baby spiders can make a tiny baby balloon out of silk and fly thousands of kilometres through the air. Remember Charlotte in Charlotte’s Web? It’s exactly the kind of crazy arachna-behaviour she took part in when she left Wilbur.

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According to the Sydney Morning Herald“millions of baby spiders” have been seen “raining from the sky” in the Southern Tablelands, with locals finding their gardens, farms and houses covered in a fine layer of web and terror.

Spider rain. Image via instagram.

One local said something that will give us nightmares for the next week.

“The whole place was covered in these little black spiderlings and when I looked up at the sun it was like this tunnel of webs going up for a couple of hundred metres into the sky…. you couldn’t go out without getting spider webs on you. And I’ve got a beard as well, so they kept getting in my beard,” the local told the Sydney Morning Herald.


That’s it, Australia. We quit.