This suitcase has a 7000-person waiting list, and you're about to understand why.

If you thought the internet was a remarkable invention, or wireless iPhone headphones were as futuristic as 2017 was going to get, you weren’t quite there yet.

You were sitting on the fringes of the future, just one robot-like suitcase away from true inclusion.

But now? Now you’re here. Welcome.

Let me introduce you to the suitcase of your dreams. One that’s complete with everything you ever needed and wanted, bar providing food on demand. (Which is a problematic omission, but one we shall overlook.)

Raden’s new high-tech bags vary in price, but the highly sought-after and currently sold out carry-on pieces will set you back $521AUD. Each. Which might seem like a stretch for a glorified box on wheels… until you’re well-versed in exactly what it can do.

Image via Raden.

This cute little thing isn't just smooth wheels and aesthetically pleasing handles. It can perform the following:

  • It lets you know how much it weighs when you're packing (in other words: no more over-packing)
  • It has a tracking device within that gives you the exact location of your suitcase at any given time
  • It charges your phone or laptop to a full battery up to four times with its battery pack
  • It has a live chat feature that gets answers to your customer service questions in real time
  • It's crack resistant
  • Has Japanese wheel bases with polyurethane tyres to give them 360-degree maneuverability.
  • Provides a companion app that can alert you to traffic on the way to the airport, as well as cheap flight details

Do you irrationally feel like an underachiever now that a suitcase can perform more duties than you?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the suitcase is owned by every Hollywood star, from Oprah Winfrey to Jessica Alba and Gigi Hadid. In January it had a 7,000 person waiting list, which has no doubt doubled since its proliferation across the media.

"We had a waitlist of around 3,500 people pretty quickly,” Raden CEO Josh Udashkin told Condé Nast Traveler. “As the word got out, it doubled with in a day and is now over 7,000 people."

Meet the couple who retired in their 30s and travelled the world. (Post continues after audio.)

Although the suitcase is currently peaking in popularity, there's always room to move. If I may? The suitcase would certainly benefit from the following:

  • A passport tracker, because losing a passport ruins lives, spirits and holidays
  • A re-charge function for the jet-lagged traveller, complete with double shot coffee cups and on-demand concealer for heavy bags (and not of the fashionable kind)
  • A trampoline to ensure jumping over sleeping passengers is doable in the event of needing to pee mid-flight
  • An in-built Siri-like figure who will have polite conversations with the passengers next to you so you don't have to.

I joke, but with a suitcase this high-tech at our finger tips, who knows what the next one will be capable of.

Check it out here.