Video of racist tour guide on a drunken tirade goes viral.

She’s got one hell of a mouth.




Maybe she had had a bad day.

A bad year?

Or maybe she is just xenophobic.  This tour guide in San Francisco has let out all of her (nasty) views in a drunken racist rant on an open-air bus.

The woman was captured on video by a German tourist as she ranted and raved about Chinatown.

And it’s pretty awful.

“Fuck your pre-schools and your little pre-schoolers making all that noise at six in the morning when I was trying to live here.” She says.

Of particular offense was her criticism of turtles.


“Fuck your little seafood fucking markets with your turtles and your fucking frogs… when you come to America you’ve got to assimilate a little bit.

“And here in America we don’t eat turtles and frogs.”

“Fuck your laundry hanging out the windows, fuck your three or four people living inside your tiny SROs. Fuck your parades, fuck your dragons, fuck Chinatown. Fuck ’em.”

Possibly one of the worst things about the video is the clapping halfway through her rant by the tourists on the bus – but benefit of the doubt maybe they didn’t speak much English themselves.

She finishes by working herself into a frenzy screaming “Fuck Chinatown!” and “Go Giants!”

It has been reported that this was her last day on the job so having had enough she just seriously lost her shit.

All this publicity should make securing her next gig interesting.


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