Is Rachel McAdams makeup-free on the cover of Allure?

Boom. Rachel McAdams has come out of magazine cover hibernation (it’s been two years, guys) with a cracker.

The fresh-faced 35-year-old is sporting the magazine equivalent of a “makeup-free” face on the August issue of Allure.

Just to refresh your memory, this is what she usually looks like on magazine covers:

The Allure coverline “The New Way to Wear Nude Makeup” is the first giant giveaway that she is wearing makeup this time around. And unless she has invisible pores, there has been some digital trickery in the form of Photoshop’s smoothing tool across her nose and cheeks.

BUT even though McAdams is not wearing the real life version of #NoMakeup; the one that you and I define as waking up and doing absolutely nothing to our faces, it’s pretty damn close.

I mean, you can even see her under-eye bags. Wait... is this the first time we’ve seen Rachel McAdams' real under-eye area on a magazine cover?

Her other covers suggest that’s a big fat 'yes'.

It’s so refreshing to see a female celebrity in her mid-30s who hasn’t been given the airbrush equivalent of a botched plastic surgery job. Well played Allure, for providing us with a much-needed antithesis to the  overly-photoshopped femmebot covers that make us feel crap about ourselves.

Over to you - how 'makeup-free' do you think this cover is?

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