Rachel McAdams now has balayage. Huh?

Image Via Getty

While most of us are shunning the balayage trend in favour of a more natural hair colour, there’s one celebrity we didn’t expect to jump on the dip dye bandwagon.

Rachel McAdams was spotted at LAX airport on Friday with inches of dark brown roots and bleached blonde tips.

We don’t get it, but McAdams was happy to be snapped with her new ‘do when she landed in Toronto, Canada.

Chris Collins, a professional lacrosse player, fan-girled her at the airport and posted this picture on Twitter.

The 36-year-old actress has never been one to shy away from the hair dye - she’s been pink, red, blonde, dark brown, caramel, and strawberry blonde – but we’re betting that this colour change has to do with her role in True Detective.


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