Rachael Taylor fell for this ludicrous Hollywood diet. And she regrets it.

Image: Instagram (@rachaelmaytaylor).

With the constant focus on appearance and dress sizes, it’s no wonder Hollywood is a breeding ground for extreme, nutritionally dubious dieting techniques.

Just last week, Kendall Jenner admitted she relies on detox teas in preparation for Fashion Week appearances, throwing back up to 12 cups of it a day. Think that’s full-on? Well, tea-toxing is only the beginning. Beyoncé subsisted on a diet of lemon water flavoured with cayenne pepper to get in shape for her role in Dreamgirls, while Lady Gaga and Reese Witherspoon have been linked to Tracey Anderson’s ‘Baby Food Diet’, which is exactly what you think it is.

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Then there’s the Hollywood diet that cuts out just about everything except leafy greens. It sounds almost comically absurd, but Australian actress Rachael Taylor has admitted she was among those who fell for its charms.

“I dabbled in the LA salad craze… I ate mostly salad and fresh air. LA is the mecca for nutty food trends,” the 30-year-old Transformers star tells Sydney Confidential. (Post continues after gallery.)

It doesn’t take a nutrition expert to see that while it might drastically reduce weight (probably because you’re not coming close to the recommended daily calorie intake), eating nothing but salad can’t be particularly good for your body. Taylor says she was unhappy with how the regimen affected her appearance.

“I looked dreadful, it just wasn’t for me,” she admits.

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Since those days, the actress has adjusted her eating habits to be less extreme. Her recent Instagram snaps suggest she indulges in the occasional donut and thickshake, while just last week she tweeted, “Dropped iPhone into triple cream brie. The horror. How will I go on?!”, before adding that she was “more bummed about the cheese”.

Brilliant. You’ve got to love any woman who can manage to drop her phone in cheese.

“I found going back to basics, and eating what I grew up on, worked for me. But it doesn’t work for everybody,” Taylor adds.

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