The mascara Rachael Finch uses every day costs just $8. Sign. Us. Up.

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Here at The Glow, we understand the joy and pleasure of a big ol’ beauty splurge. Whether it’s a fancy facial or a high-end lipstick, sometimes dropping a little extra coin than usual is just the ticket.

However, in our day-to-day lives we’re all about the budget buy — and it seems Rachael Finch appreciates a good beauty bargain as much as we do.

In a recent interview with Beauticate, the Aussie model, TV presenter and mum detailed her hair, skin and makeup routines. To our great delight, her go-to mascara costs less than most cafes charge for avocado on toast these days.

“Day to day my beauty look is minimal, fresh and glowing,” Finch explains. Post-eyelash curling, she swipes on some ‘Define’ mascara by Colour Theory — yep, that’s the cosmetics line sold in Amcal pharmacies.

“They’re made in Italy and have a great consistency,” the former Miss Universe Australia adds. What she doesn’t mention is the fact this mascara costs eight dollars. That is a bona fide steal, and there’s plenty more where that came from.

Watch: Ever paid attention to your ‘Mascara Face’? We did… and here are the results. (Post continues after video.)

“When I go out, a bold lip adds a lot to an outfit with minimal effort. Colour Theory has a red shade called ‘Catwalk’, which I love at the moment,” Finch continues.

That lipstick? Six bucks. Then there’s the brand’s bronzer, also retailing for eight dollars, which she teams with a touch of YSL concealer.

Aside from enjoying the results, there’s a reason Finch is so keen on this particular brand: she happens to be Amcal Australia’s beauty ambassador, representing the Colour Theory, Skin Theory and Beauty Theory.


However, the 27-year-old’s affordable beauty behaviour also extends to her eyebrow grooming. “I brush my brows with a toothbrush, as I find this gives the best shape,” she says.

Clearly, we’re impressed with Finch’s makeup routine — but her approach to exercise is just as down-to-earth. Her philosophy is to find time every day for physical activity.

“Whether that means going to the gym or walking [daughter] Violet in the pram, I love being outdoors. I try and base most of my workouts in the park or on the beach when it’s warm,” she tells Beauticate. (Post continues after gallery.)

“I’m a big believer in changing up the type of training I do to remain focused and motivated. I skip, run, swim, design circuit classes, practice yoga and dance. I try to do a bit of everything.”

Makes perfect sense to us.

What’s your favourite budget beauty product?

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