Rachael Finch has convinced her daughter kale is ice-cream. Bow down fellow parents.

It’s either the sweetest thing we’ve ever heard or some serious parenting mind magic.

Model Rachael Finch has convinced daughter tw0-year-old Violet that a kale smoothie is ice-cream.

The revelation (parents, take note) was revealed on the health coach’s Instagram on Tuesday morning.

Finch encouraged her followers to be a little ad hoc with the ingredients used.


“Whatever you’ve got in the fridge or freezer – throw it in and blend it together,” she said.

“Violet thinks it’s ice cream!”

If you too, would like to recreate the green dream, the ingredients used in the ‘ice-cream’ were: kale, banana, dates, cocoa nibs, almond milk.

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The post is already sky-rocketing in likes as users commend the model mum on her healthy resourcefulness.

“I love a ‘bits and bobs’ smoothie,” one user said.

Violet is said to be approaching her third birthday so stay-tuned for what she thinks is ‘cake’.

And can I please recommend the magic of a smash cake.

Feature image via Instagram: @rachael_finch

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