Rachael Finch's trick to stop her 3-year-old eating too many birthday party treats.

Author, certified health coach and former Miss Universe model, Rachael Finch is raising her children on a sugar-free diet.

Now, she’t told The Morning Show how she prevents her eldest, three-year-old daughter Violet, from over-indulging at children’s parties.

“It does get a bit tricky because it’s hot chips and nuggets and sweets and lollies on the table,” the 28-year-old told The Morning Show.

“So I make sure before we leave the house I fill her up with good food and she knows it’s a treat.”

That – understanding it’s a treat – is the most important thing, according to Finch’s husband Michael Miziner.

“That’s the the biggest thing: Knowing you can have it every now and again, but not every single day of your life,” Miziner, a dance instructor, also told The Morning Show.


Finch has recently given birth to a son, Dominic, who is eight weeks old.

She hopes he, too, will grow up on a diet devoid of sugar and says laying that foundation is key to a healthy future.

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“The first years are easy because they don’t go to many birthday parties,” she said this morning.

“I feel like it’s my responsibility as a mother to set up that beautiful foundation at home with the understanding of wholesome real ingredients.”