Salada biscuits are selling out in Australia, all because of this ridiculously simple dessert.

All week, photos of empty supermarket shelves have been crowding my newsfeed.

There appears to be a nationwide shortage of Salada biscuits – and it is all thanks to this ridiculously easy and delicious dessert.

Mentioned as part of Leigh Sales and Annabel Crabb’s podcast Chat 10, Looks 3, “Crack” is the aptly named addictive little treat that is sweeping the nation.

The original recipe was created by food blogger, writer and cook Deb Perelman at Smitten Kitchen.

Saladas are selling out across the country, and this is the reason why. (Image via Facebook)

The recipe is made up of eight ingredients, all of which can be bought for under $15 at your local supermarket, and is so easy even a total baking dunce could make it successfully.

You just need a box of Saladas, brown sugar, butter, dark chocolate, and nuts to make a slice of absolute HEAVEN.

The four stages of making Crack. (Image via Facebook)

I know, Saladas and chocolate sounds weird. But trust me when I say this moreish slice of chocolatey goodness is one of the easiest and tastiest things I have EVER baked. As if that isn't enough it is also approved by the 7.30 host and all-round feminist hero Leigh Sales.

Friday night baking to share with some friends on the weekend. Salada, caramel, chocolate, toasted hazelnuts.

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It will satisfy any sweet or salty cravings you have, and you probably already have the ingredients in the cupboard.

The full Crack recipe written by Jo Waugh is below.

It is perfect for a dinner party gift, school bake sale, or just a mid-week sweet treat.

Happy Baking!

You can find the original Smitten Kitchen recipe here

What is a fool-proof recipe you absolutely love?