How this mum-of-three survived a face-off with a crocodile and a giant bird.

Queensland mum lost in bush
Photo: QLD police service.




A Queensland mother-of-three who went missing in the bush last month has lived to tell the tale – and it’s a pretty amazing one.

Shannon Leah Fraser became lost in bushland near the Golden Hole swimming spot in far north Queensland 17 days ago, two days after her and her partner Heath Cassady got engaged, the ABC reports.

The happy couple went on a “bender” and Ms Fraser went to swim it off at a creek — but then couldn’t find her way back, The Courier Mail reports.

“She must have taken a wrong turn, and got lost,” her brother Dylan Fraser told the ABC. “I honestly didn’t know what to believe, there were so many stories flying around, the police didn’t have much of a lead.”


The mother-of-three survived on small fish, insects and river water because she had been warned against eating wild berries, according to The Courier Mail.

The ABC reports that although she cried herself to sleep every night during her time lost, the thought of her three children inspired her to keep searching for a way home.

Shannon Fraser ate small fish and bugs to survive.

Brave Ms Fraser also came face-to-face with a giant cassowary and got chased by a two-metre freshwater crocodile during her time in the bush; with her clothes ripped off by trees,  she sometimes lay down in a creek to soothe her severe sunburn.

Ms Fraser also lost around 17kgs throughout the ordeal, which prompted Mr Fraser to describe the ordeal as “Biggest Loser meets Bear Grylls”.

“She’s lost lots of weight, she’s covered in cuts and scratches, but she’s in good spirits,” he told The Courier Mail.

Ms Fraser was finally found yesterday morning by a banana farmer, who saw the woman– sunburned, covered in cuts and with splinters in her feet — emerge from the scrub.

“It’s just overwhelming, everyone has just been so upset,” Mr Fraser said.

“We’re over the moon to have her back.”

Ms Fraser remains in Innisfail Hospital, surrounded by family and in a stable condition.

 This from Channel 7’s The Morning Show:

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