What is Queening? The sex act every woman should know about.

Sit on your throne and put your crown on, because we’re going Queening! If you haven’t heard about this sex position yet, then you’re definitely missing out.

Basically Queening is where a woman positions herself to be sitting on, or straddling, the face of her partner. As you can imagine, it’s used to allow oral-genital, or oral-anal, stimulation.

It’s a very sensual position as it allows the partner’s hands to be free for other areas of the woman’s body – wherever will tickle your fancy.  It puts the woman on top and in control, like she is a real-life, actual Queen.

So yes, basically – actually the exact same – as face-sitting. But Queening is a much better name AND is always capitalised, which seems more suitable, don’t you think?

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According to Urban Dictionary – the source of all good rogue-related definitions – Queening actually does have a royal origin (kind of), and should be taken seriously.

Images of this sexual act can first be found in drawings from the ancient Egyptians, as well as ancient Japanese, Medieval European and Victorian cultures.

The site explains that the sex position was “originally [designed as] a way for upper class women (Queens included) who wished to achieve sexual gratification without becoming pregnant; be they a virgin or a wife with her husband unavailable.”

“It was usually the job of male slaves and servants to submit to their mistresses desires” deciphered Urban Dictionary. “In Japan there were even brothels where women and girls would pay for male slaves specially trained in the art of queening.”

Today, however, women from all backgrounds and classes are certainly enjoying this act.

(If you haven’t already sent this to your partner, we’re disappointed, frankly.)

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