Wondered about the Queen's boobs? Neither had we - until now.

Chances are you’ve never thought much about the Queen’s boobs. Sure, they’re there, and they always look well-trussed and stable, but the Royal puppies just aren’t really front of mind.

Unless you’re June Kent. She’s all over Her Majesty’s mammaries, so to speak, as one of the team at Rigby & Peller, the official corsetier for the Queen, and has looked after the regal uplift and separation for 33 years.

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The brand has held the Royal Warrant since 1960, originally fitting bras for the Queen Mother, and it’s just opened its first store in the US.

The Queen, with just the right fit

Speaking to People Magazine at the flagship opening, June said: “Every woman in the world grew two, and these two that are here need to be sorted out. The Queen is no different from any of our customers because they need to be seen to, and they need to be wearing the correct size.”

So her bras aren't diamond encrusted, then?

No. According to June, Her Majesty is "frugal".

“She doesn’t order things she doesn’t need."


June has seen the inside of Liz and Phil's bedroom on several occasions since starting work with Rigby & Peller in 1982, and says the perfect fit is paramount for any woman, royal or not.

“Anybody who is wearing the wrong underwear underneath, their clothes look terrible,” she says.

And she reckons the only difference with fitting the Queen is that she has to curtsy and say "Good morning, Your Majesty."

“It’s nothing like fitting anybody else really. It really isn’t. And that’s the wonderful joy of it.”

Take a look through the Rigby & Peller range - we can't really imagine Her Majesty wearing any of these...