Does 'quality time' really exist? Especially with a teenage daughter?

I am about to go on a holiday with my daughter.

I’m hoping for some ‘quality time’. We will sit watching sunsets, drink cocktails and mocktails and she will tell me hear fears, her hopes and her dreams. She will tell me about her friendships, what she thinks about boys and how much she loves me.

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Now imagine the screeching sound of a record being scratched in haste to be removed. That’s the sound of my fantasy dying.


In actual fact, we will probably bicker about who gets the bags, she will stand awkwardly and silently behind me as I try to haggle, she will put her head in her hands at dinner when I try and chat to a charming couple from Cincinnati who are wearing matching parachute material tracksuits and fanny packs.

Whoa! Our ‘Just Between Us’ podcast goes commando.

I'm not sure 'quality time' can't be scheduled.  One reason? True intimacy cannot be 'performed' and closeness doesn't come on cue.

This week on the Debrief Daily podcast Just Between Us, we discuss the concept of 'quality time', whether it exists and, if indeed it does, whether it can be created.

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