Qantas and Jetstar ban devices that have become 'parental lifesavers' on long haul flights.

Qantas and Jetstar have released an update to their banned carry-on items list that now includes a number of children’s sleeping devices.

Announcing the update to its dangerous goods list (which both airlines share) earlier this week, Qantas told patrons via Facebook, “Safety is and will always be our top priority.”

Newly banned items on the list include bed boxes, leg hammocks and inflatable cushions.

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The airline giant continued, "Examples of prohibited in-flight accessories include, but are not limited to, inflatable cubes, 'bed boxes', and 'leg hammocks'. This list is not exhaustive, and the decision to permit use of a particular device rests with the cabin crew on-board."

"Bed Boxes are considered an evacuation hazard as they block the walkway areas off which will cause major problems in the case of an evacuation."

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Following the announcement, a spokesman for Jetstar told The Sun, “The safety and comfort all passengers on board is our priority, and it’s vital that everyone is able to move easily through their row to reach the aisle."

They continued, “We don’t allow seat attachments which obstruct customer movement, such as ‘leg hammocks’, or items which restrict the recline of another customer’s seat, such as ‘knee defenders’.”

qantas bans sleeping aids
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Needless to say, some parents are less than impressed with the decision, with one parent taking to the Qantas Facebook page to write, "Seems like a policy that has had no real world consideration and is unnecessarily preventing parents from using a premium travel product to improve the quality of their travel for not only themselves and their children, but also for the other guests on the flight."

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