EXCLUSIVE: Jacqui Lambie says heated Q&A debate got "out of hand".

Last Monday night, independent senator Jacqui Lambie engaged in a live heated debate with engineer and author Yassmin Abdel-Magied on ABC program, Q&A.

“Anyone who supports Sharia law in this country should be deported,” Lambie began.

“So, do you know what Sharia law is?” Abdel-Magied questioned, before fiercely arguing, “You are talking about stuff you don’t know anything about…”

Jacqui Lambie speaks to Mia Freedman on No Filter about her heated argument with Yassmin Abdel-Magied on last week’s Q&A.

“Islam to me, is the most feminist religion.

“We don’t take our husband’s last names because we ain’t their property,” she said.

“What is culture is separate from what is faith.”

Lambie interjected, “The fact is that there is one law in this country and it’s not Sharia law.”

Both panellists raised their voices, visibly passionate about the subject, as Abdel-Magied said, “Don’t tell me you know anything about my religion… You talk about protecting Australians. I am Australian.”

yassmin abdel magied jacqui lambie
Abdel-Magied on Monday night's episode of Q&A. Source: ABC.

The key crossbencher retorted, "Stop playing the victim".

"Your ban got lifted, get over it," Lambie said, referring to Donald Trump's proposed 'Muslim ban'.

Host Tony Jones then interrupted, "Can I say, shouting at each other is not going to help.”

Since their on-air exchange, both women have been viciously attacked online.

Abdel-Magied tweeted, "I do regret shouting and losing my cool... I acknowledge not the best way..."

Lambie, on the other hand, has stayed rather quiet about her behaviour, except to release a YouTube video outlining exactly what she knows about Sharia law.


But in an interview with Mia Freedman, Lambie expressed regret over how the debate unfolded.

"It got a little bit heated on Monday night, which was unfortunate," she said. "It would have been nice to stay calm."


"I should know better than that, I'm older," the 45-year-old said.

 "I guess when you have two passionate people at each other for whatever causes, for whatever we believe in, that can get a little bit out of hand."

In the No Filter interview released today, Freedman asked what the energy was like in the green room afterwards.

"It was fine," Lambie responded. "There was no problem, there was certainly no viciousness."

The Tasmanian senator then went on to commend 26-year-old Abdel-Magied on her incredible accomplishments at such a young age.

Image via ABC.

"For such a young girl she's done very well for herself, you can't take that credit away from her.

"Doesn't matter what race you are, what religion you are, you pay credit where credit is due," she said.

Lambie was disheartened by the online vitriol waged at Abdel-Magied, commenting that she's being given a "really, really hard time."

"Constructive criticism is great," she said. "But treating people like an animal is not going to get us anywhere."

By stepping back and not adding fuel to the fire, Lambie hopes that will "calm things down".

As opposed as Lambie and Abdel-Magied might be politically, both appear to agree that nothing is achieved by playing the person rather than the idea.

And indeed, online viciousness continues to get us nowhere.

You can listen to the full episode of No Filter with Jacqui Lambie, here. 

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