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There's a 1.8-METRE PYTHON hiding in this car engine and we need a hug, please.

Ah, Australia. Living in the lucky country, aren’t we?

What other nation can lay claim to the Tim Tam slam, adorable koalas and being the birth place of the Hemsworth brothers?

And let’s not forget to mention, where else would you find a 1.8 metre carpet python hiding in your car engine?

The people lucky enough to be tasked with finding and capturing snakes from such unnerving places are the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers.

When the Maroochydore-based team found a snake in a car engine, they decided to have a little fun, posting the image to their Facebook page on Wednesday and asking followers to spot the snake.

Can’t see it? Neither could we.

Thankfully the team of snake catchers put everyone who guessed out of their misery by highlighting the snake the next day.

That's it.

I didn't really like looking under my car's bonnet at the best of times, but now I'm pretty sure I never will again.