Pyjama party! 12 sweet sleepover ideas

Is your daughter getting ready for a sleepover party? Here, some creative ways to make the birthday bash a night (and morning) she and her friends will love!

Create a bed-themed table top

Ideas in Blume

This adorable table setting, which uses an actual bed, keeps the pajama theme alive. To recreate a simpler version, lay a flat sheet on a table as a table cloth and place a colored sheet or thin blanket over it, folding it over the way you’d make a bed. Push the table against a wall and prop up pillows at one end.

String up DIY lights

Club Chica Circle

Decorate the room with DIY string lights. To make them, poke a dime-sized hole at the bottom of a small cups. Then, thread holiday lights through the cups and drape them on the top of the window and doors around the room. As a safety precaution, be careful and don’t leave the lights on overnight.

Set the schedule

Real Life, Real Estate, Real Dana

Here’s a fun way to let the kids know what’s on the schedule for the night — put little notes in a bunch of balloons that say what to do each hour. Then write the time on each blown-up balloon with a marker pen and pop it when the clock strikes that particular hour.

Include evening essentials

A Little Sussy

The best thing about these sweet (and practical!) purse favours? You can give them at the start of the party to  kick off the festivities. Include sleepover must-haves like a toothbrush, flashlight and lip balm.

Hire a teen to give manicures

The Brooks Family Blog

Enlist a babysitter and her friend or a neighbour to give manicures to the party guests. Don’t forget fun colors and nail decals. (Bonus points for suggesting any of these cute age-appropriate DIY nail ideas)

Make a mask

Dina Roth Port

After manis, it’s facial time! Choose a sensitive mask — or make your own. Don’t forget cool cucumber slices for their eyelids.

Predict the future

Seven Thirty Three

Play MASH: the game that lets you predict everything from where you’ll live to who you’ll marry. These DIY MASH notepadswill keep them busy for hours.

Get creative

Seven Thirty Three

Another fun activity: Fold plain white pillowcases and a fabric pen into printed bags from the craft store. Then, let the girls go to town decorating their individual cases with fabric markers and sparkles. Party guests can sign the back of the all the cases so the kids will have a keepsake from the party.

Belt it uut

A Little Sussy

No sleepover party would be complete without a little karaoke. Stock up on songs by kid faves such as One Direction, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift.

Make a dreamcatcher

Nectar and Light

Before all the girls drift off, let them make a dreamcatcher which, according to Native American Indian lore, has a web that catches the bad dreams and only allows the good ones to slip through.

Wake up to waffles


Even if they don’t get a ton of sleep, they’ll wake up for a waffle bar — complete with syrup, Nutella, peanut butter and toppings.

Perfect parfaits

Hostess with the Mostess

Balance the sugar with a good-for-you yogurt bar complete with toppings like granola, peanuts, coconut and berries.