The best dressed at the Teen Choice Awards wore pyjamas on the red carpet.

Video by Mamamia

Refold your activewear and put down your trackies – a comfier fashion trend has emerged and it even has the red carpet stamp of approval.

It will cut your getting ready time in half every morning and is perfect for those nights where you end up falling asleep mid Netflix-episode.

Yes, we’re talking about sleepwear – and not the sexy kind.

The Teen Choice Awards gave us all the evidence we needed that the newest hero of our wardrobes is our PJs, when the best dressed outfit was the good ol’ comfy two piece.

Zendaya rocking the PJs. Image: Getty
Zendaya rocking the PJs. Image: Getty

Ahead of all the glitter, clashing prints and mustard yellow mini dresses, it was musician, activist and Spiderman: Homecoming actress Zendaya in some stripy PJs - and men's pyjamas at that - that really stood out on the night.

Zendaya rocking the PJs. Image: Getty
Zendaya wearing the comfy twin set. Image: Getty

Swap the heels for some slippers and you just know she's going to be laughing at 2am when everyone else is nursing constricted stomachs and sore feet.

She looks just as comfortable being there as she would nestled under her doona cover.


Alright, so maybe the fact that her Ashish men's pajama-style separates are sequinned and paired with heels doesn't QUITE equate with that faded-with-a-small-unidentifiable-stain pair you don every night. (Post continues after gallery).

But there's no denying it's a positive step forward to fashion accepting comfort and coziness outside of the bed as equally important.

Not to mention there are some really very nice pyjamas in the shops that are almost wasted by just wearing to sleep.

Listen: Why not go one step further? It is a gown after all... Post continues after audio.

Dressed up with just-on-the-acceptable-side-of-messy bed hair and a pair of heels if you feel up to it, Zendaya proves that a pair of good floaty pyjamas can look cool, effortless and arguably more dressy than a dress, even on a red carpet.

The real wins happened off the red carpet too, with Zendaya taking home the Choice Summer Movie Actress award and using her time on stage to encourage all her fans to speak out against the "injustice and hatred" following the tragic events in Charlotteville.

With the previously frowned upon activewear now widely acceptable, is wearing pyjamas in public (and on purpose!) the new frontier?

I kind of hope so.

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