Weather presenter manages to slip 20 Batman vs. Superman references in one weather report.

Well this is one way to show super forms of versatility to bat away your critics.

UK weather presenter Sian Welby managed to cram more than 20 references to the new Batman vs. Superman movie in her minute-long weather report, providing quite a subtle sense of entertainment for news viewers.

“Lex have a look how things progress this afternoon,” Welby reported during her report for British station Channel Five, giving a nod to the fictional super-villian that has given Batman grief for decades.

Welby went on to report that “things have Gotham bad to worse … As the Dark Knight rises, more wind, rain and cloud will be the Bane of the West”.

So smooth and straight-faced Welby was in her report, you would be hard-pressed to sort through and identify every single pun at first glance.

If this all sounds just a tad familiar, it’s probably because it is.

It’s not the first time the weather presenter has tried to liven up her broadcasts, initially going viral in December for throwing a multitude of references to Star Wars in her broadcast in tribute to the opening of The Force Awakens.

Video via 5 News

The film fan has also entertained audiences with a Back To The Future forecast in the past.

We bet film fanatics are the only ones finding joy in the broadcasts, with film producers alike rubbing their hands together at the easiest accidental PR exercise for a film in existence.

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