"Do hair growth products actually work? I tried this range for 10 weeks to find out."

Pump Haircare
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My whole life, I have always had super thick hair. 

If I wanted to give it a chop, I never had any concerns of it growing back quickly because I always just had... so much of it.

But as I got older, and I starting taking the contraceptive pill, I noticed my hair was starting to thin out very quickly. 

And then I dyed it blue. 

Suddenly, after adding bleach to the equation, I could no longer deny that my hair was thinning, especially at the top, as well as falling out at a rapid pace.

So much so that there have been a fair few times where I've looked at photos and noticed that you can pretty much see my entire scalp through my thinning hair.

Image: Supplied.

As someone who always loved their hair, and always seemed to have so much of it, seeing it change made me feel absolutely deflated.

So, I started looking for solutions and quickly found one: the Pump Haircare Growth Collection.

I’ve always been a bit sceptical about hair growth products but after doing some digging, I realised that all the products within this range use premium hair growth properties, so I figured I had nothing to lose.

For this trial to be considered a hit, I wanted see two key things: more growth at my follicles, and the thickening and strengthening of my existing hair.


The products I used to assist me on this mission? The Pump Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner, the Pump Hair Growth Mask and my favourite, the Pump BioGroTM Hair Growth Serum.

To kick start my use of the products, I starting washing my hair two to three times a week with the shampoo and alternating between the conditioner and hair mask every wash.

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With the conditioner, I would leave it in for four minutes before rinsing it out and on the days I used the hair mask, I would leave it for a minimum of 10 minutes. 

Once every two weeks, I would keep the mask on throughout the night and wash it out the next morning. 

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The shampoo and conditioner worked a treat, but I've got to say, the BioGro serum works hard. With the key ingredient of rosa multifora, the serum works to help tackle hair loss by preventing a protein called FGF5 from building up on the scalp.

By stopping this nasty protein from building up, it promotes hair growth while maintaining healthy follicles (ummm, yes please).

The rest of the range also includes a variety of other killer ingredients, including swertia chirata which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to help keep the hair and scalp healthy.

I would apply the serum twice a day: when I woke up and just before going back to bed in the night.

Image: Supplied.

After using these products for a month, I could already see such a difference in my hair. 


Not only did my hair follicles appear thicker at the roots but it was also allowing me to grow out all the strands that were damaged by the bleach. I also noticed that I was starting to get minimal hair loss in the shower, when I brushed my hair, and on my pillowcase at night. 

After the first month of trialling, I could see so much difference in the growth at my scalp but because of the bleach, my ends were still splitting. So, to give it the best chance of recovering, I decided to get a trim to give the products the best shot at rejuvenating and strengthening my natural hair.

Since my trim, I've already seen so much growth in my hair that I know it won't be this length for long.

After two months trialling, it's pretty evident that my hair has growing visibly thicker.

From left to right: My hair at the start of the trial, my hair at 6 weeks, and my hair at 10 weeks. Image: Supplied.

I'm so happy with the results — I'm finally starting to feel like myself again... long, thick hair and all!

The products worked so well together that I can officially declare I'm no longer a hair growth product sceptic. Call me a believer.

If you're lusting after longer and thicker locks, check out the Pump Haircare Growth Range.

Feature Image: Supplied/Mamamia. 

Pump Haircare
"Hair loss was no stranger to me, after getting diagnosed with endometriosis at 19. My half felt like half the thickness had disappeared. Not only did I change my lifestyle, I changed what I was putting on my body and this included hair products. I couldn’t find products that helped with hair growth that were natural but also of salon quality, so I created Pump Haircare!" -Natasha Jay, Creator & Founder