The 17 things far more offensive than public breastfeeding.

There are far worse things my eyes have seen than a mother feeding her child. Yep, here they are.

It seems that while some people (cough weirdos cough) are still getting their knickers in a knot about women breastfeeding their children in public, it’s nice to see that the majority of people say they feel comfortable with a woman nursing her child. Wherever she needs to, despite all that we read about shaming of nursing mums.

Recently a study was conducted by which polled over 1,500 of their readers to determine the general consensus on breastfeeding in public. 79 percent of the respondents said that breastfeeding was totally natural and that doing it in public was fine. 11 percent thought it was a little strange but weren’t bother by it. And only 8 percent stated that they didn’t like it and didn’t think that it should be allowed (not thinking nice thoughts of those people).

To me, there are oh-so-many more things I see happening every day which are far worse than a mother discreetly nursing a baby.

So I did a poll of the office for public behaviours everyone deems far more offensive than public breastfeeding. And we came up with quite the list.

Do you have any to add?

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