Women are now getting pubic hair transplants.




Could this be a sign that the pubic hair pendulum has officially starting swinging in the other direction?

A Korean-American writer at Refinery 29 has revealed that women in Korea are actually getting pubic hair transplants in order to get a fuller bush.

Yep. Pubic hair transplants are now a thing.

Well, actually, they’ve been a thing in Korea for a while, so you might want to calm down with that pendulum-swinging.

Apparently female pubic hair in Korea is seen as a sign of sexual health and fertility, so while women in the West are coming up with countless ways to rip their pubic hair out, Korean women are coming up with ways to get more pubic hair in.

And just like a brazilian, pubic hair transplants do not sound pleasant. In fact, they kind of sound worse.

The procedure involves a thin strip of scalp being taken from the patient’s head, before being harvested into the skin in the lady-garden area. If everything goes according to plan, you end up with a full, luscious bush.

And all for around 2000 bucks and a only a few sessions of getting pieces of your scalp stitched to your vag.

Sounds crazy, hey? Almost as crazy as pouring hot wax centimetres from your labia or pointing a dangerous laser directly at your lady-garden.

Looks like it doesn’t matter whether it’s too much or not enough – women are willing to do some crazy shit to have the ‘perfect’ amount of pubes.








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