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PODCAST: Why you should never see a psychic in a garage.

It was supposed to be fun.

When Kara went to see a psychic with a girlfriend, she went because like everyone, she’s curious about life and what the future might hold.

Would she meet her future husband? Would she be OK financially? What about her career?

But what she heard was none of that. And it should have come with a warning that we will give you: this is explicit and graphic content.

Kara was told that she would be abducted and mutilated. Her left breast would be sliced off, her rectum torn to shreds, and she would be left to die on a cold steel table.

She would live, the psychic told her. But she would be f***ked up for the rest of her life.

And this is why psychics are bullshit.

At least it’s not in a garage…. via flickr / Susan Sermoneta

Because now, Kara is scared AF to walk the dog, to go outside, scared to go to a bar, where apparently her drink would be spiked by an overweight, balding psycho.

And how much did Kara pay for this?


THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS, cash in hand, to a woman who claims to be a psychic, a predictor of the future, and who works out of the garage of her house.


And herein lies the problem.

What’s to stop someone, ANYONE, from hanging up a dreamcatcher, wearing purple, and getting paid cash to offer generic life advice like “watch your speed on the road, you might get a speeding ticket” or “I see you’re going to travel, over water?”


There is no accreditation. No regulation. No psychic ombudsman. No ACCC making sure everything is above board. Just people making fat stacks of cash in hand, working from home, and preying on grieving, curious or lost people looking for guidance, solace or hope.

The only mystery here is the ongoing compulsion for us to part ways with our money to an industry that’s based on “gut feelings.”

Via flickr/ livinginmontrovia

So here’s some life advice for free: Don’t go to a psychic. Especially one in a garage.

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