A psychic has predicted how long The Bachelor's Richie and Alex will last. And it's... surprising.

Forget the Snapchat filters, meeting the parents and snuggled-up selfies: there’s only one way to tell if your reality TV relationship will last.

Get a psychic to predict your romantic future. Duh.

Is this love...forever? Image via Facebook.

Well, to be fair, The Bachelor's newest couple didn't do the hard yards themselves. Instead, Kyle and Jackie O asked their resident celebrity psychic, Georgina, just how long she thought the pair would last.

“I see whether it’s 24 weeks or 24 months," she said.

That's... that's quite a difference.

Well....this is awkward.

Jackie O was quick to ask the obvious question of, "But what if it’s 24 years?”

"No, it’s definitely not,” Georgina said.


"I feel that Nikki was his equal, where as this woman [Alex] needs somebody and he’s been raised with strong women and he feels needed and I just don’t think it’s going to work long-term," she said.

"He needs somebody vulnerable...and she's vulnerable."

The Bachelorette is back....and so is Bach Chat! Listen to the first episode: