The man behind "Gangham Style" has a new video and it's scarily hypnotic.

In 2012, South Korean pop star Psy delivered the world an ear worm the likes of which has not been heard since “Crazy Frog”.

More than two years have passed and, honestly, we’ve only just managed to get “Gangham Style” out of our heads.

The relief has been short-lived however, as Psy has now released a new song, along with a new, a bizarrely over-the-top video clip to match.

“Daddy”, which gender-flips the hook from Will.I.Am’s 2009 hit “I Got It From My Mama”, is everything you’d expect from the artist, in the sense that it’s so ridiculous there’s no way a sane person could have conceived it.

Watch the video here:

The video has already gone viral, clocking up nearly 9,000,000 views on YouTube — about 15 of which were by Mamamia staff in the past half hour.

There’s a lot going on in the clip, which tracks baby Psy from birthing unit through adolescence and climaxes in a series of terrifyingly hypnotic group dance sequences.

What does it all mean?

Where he got his inspiration from remains unclear, perhaps from his “Daddy”?

Regardless, this song is no “Gangnam Style” but it sure is something, and that something is a lot for a Wednesday.

Send help.