Rebecca Gibney’s role in the Stan Original Series Prosper is unlike anything she’s done before.

The Stan Original Series Prosper takes audiences inside an intriguing fictional Sydney megachurch, weaving together a tale of ambition and wildly divided loyalties.

The new eight-part Stan series follows the Quinn family, the people behind one of the fastest-growing megachurches in the world, U Star, which is based in Sydney.

In the series, Richard Roxburgh plays the family's patriarch and megachurch founder, Cal Quinn, while Rebecca Gibney plays his wife and the church's self-appointed 'Worship Leader', Abi Quinn.

The Quinn family are in a complicated place with their church when we first meet them, as U Star is about to embark on a lucrative American expansion. An expansion that will unlock a new level of wealth and power for the family. 

But behind the scenes, the Quinns must keep a series of shameful secrets hidden, all while enticing followers into their world with the promise of love and unwavering acceptance.

Speaking to Mamamia while filming Prosper in Sydney, actress Rebecca Gibney said that she put a lot of thought into accepting the role of Abi.

"I have a lot of family members who have been to megachurches and who are still very active members of the church," Gibney told Mamamia of her decision to take the role. "So one of the first questions I had for them after I was approached about this role was how would they feel about me doing it.

"They're all thrilled because, for them, it's not just about shining a light on the megachurches and how they operate. It's also shinning a light on people's faith and on the failings all people can have. We often see these stories told in a way that says 'everything's bad, it's all terrible', but that's not true. Most of the people who go to these megachurches are solid believers who have a very strong faith.

"But first and foremost, this show is a drama," she continued. "So there are things within it that will be much more dramatic than real life. What we're also trying to do is show the reality of people who start off with the best intentions, but then power and extreme wealth come into play. Then you have to ask the question, how does that corrupt? And how do you then keep your family, your church and your marriage safe? How far will you go?"


Rebecca Gibney in the The Stan Original Series Prosper. Image: Stan

Gibney said the one element that she strongly relates to in Abi's character is her desire to protect her family. 

"She's not like anyone else I've played before," the actor said. "She's incredibly complex, because on the surface she is very warm and very loving, but there's a lot going on beneath that surface. It's also a character that challenges the patriarchal roles within this kind of environment.


"It's what this woman has had to do all her life. She was born into a Christian environment, so she's always kind of had to toe the line to a certain extent.

"I've been around for so long, so there's not a lot that I haven't done," Gibney continued. "But I actually struggled a bit with this character because [it took] me quite a few weeks to figure out who she is and why she does the things that she does.

"These people have come from pretty much nothing and they've built this church up to be on a global scale. It's changed the lives of millions of people and you don't want to see that part of their story toned down.

"It's also a family drama, so that side of the story is incredibly complex and very challenging and that's what drew me to it. That and working with Richard!" she added. "Some of the stuff that he's done in this role has been goosebump-making, its award-winning. He's phenomenal and I can't see anyone else doing this role, because he's got so much charisma."

The Prosper cast also includes Ewen Leslie (Bali 2002), Ming-Zhu Hii (La Brea), Jacob Collins-Levy (The Witcher: Blood Origin), Hayley McCarthy (The Originals), Jordi Webber (Nomad), Jacek Koman (Moulin Rouge!), Andrea Solonge (Class of '07), Brigid Zengeni (The Secret She Keeps), Alex Fitzalan (The Wilds) and Alexander D’Souza making his acting debut.

The series was created by Matt Cameron (Secret City) and Jason Stephens (Upright), and directed by Jennifer Leacey (The Secret She Keeps) and Shaun Wilson (Romantic Getaway).

Every episode of the Stan Original Series Prosper is now streaming, only on Stan.

Feature image: Stan.

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