The 'winning code' that suggests intruder Stu will win Bachelorette Sophie Monk's heart.

Even before 44-year-old Stu Laundy made his debut on The Bachelorette last week, he was being named a hot favourite to win Sophie Monk’s heart.

Way back in July, Stu – who is a millionaire and comes from a generation of pub owners – was photographed on what looked like a group date with our newest Bachelorette.

Just two episodes in, betting agencies also have Stu at the top of their list when it comes to who is likely to walk away with the final rose.

But there’s another, huge, almost undeniable hint that Sophie + Stu = true love. And it’s all to do with the show’s post-production.

stu laundy sophie monk
Sophie + Stu = true love. Image via Channel 10.

When Stu stepped out of the helicopter (something that only happens on The Bachelorette, surely) and walked towards 37-year-old Sophie, music featuring strings, harps and chimes began to play in the background.

It's a background theme that's been used before, and is historically reserved for winners of the show. It's such a clear indicator that true love is on the horizon and has been named the "winner's theme" by keen fans.

The Daily Mail reports identical music played when Alex Nation first met Richie Strahan, and an extremely similar tune played when Sasha Mielczarek met Australia's very first Bachelorette Sam Frost.


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Both Alex and Sasha went on be that last ones standing on their respective seasons (even if the relationships didn't last... awkward).

Stu's voiceover during his entrance also speaks of his desire to "win Soph's heart".

"You've got to chase happiness, don't you?" he says of meeting Sophie.

sophie monk bachelorette meeting stu
"Play the chimes, I've found my man!" Image via Channel 10.

It's a far cry from some of the music and voiceovers other contestants have been given on Sophie's season - some are given comical music, while others are clearly set up to be the show's 'villains'.

So there you have it. Stu is clearly the winner and poor James will probably get his heart broken.

The music said so.

But just in case we're wrong, we're going to keep watching anyway.