Proof (if I needed it) that some people don't get my humour. Hello Emma.

So I sat down last night to try and clear some emails and get a head start on what is shaping up to be a particularly ugly week. After last ugly week with the kids being sick. Anyway, as I worked my way through the mountain, the email with the subject: "Letter to Mia Freeman" caught my eye with its incorrect spelling of my name. I opened it.  And read this about the column (posted above):

Hi Mia,
my husband and I  look forward to your weekly articles in the Sunday Age; we like your wit and snappy writing.

But . . . we were so disappointed by the weak ‘boob’ article this Sunday . My husband was the first to read and dismiss it as ‘stupid’ – not me, so it wasn’t a case of the wife getting toey.  Did you really write that? 

It didn’t sound like you, and somehow sounded hollow, as well as ‘stupid’. Were you responding to an editorial directive to ‘write a boob article’ with a view to increasing your audience? If so, the trouble is you risk losing your core audience – people like us.  It read as if it were appealing to sniggering schoolboys and really was a waste of space. 
Trusting you will return to form,
Best wishes,

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