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sarah.skel September 23, 2020

This breaks my heart. I’m American and live in the United States, and with all the chaos going on here, I hadn’t heard about either of these boys. 

My son is 25 and also on the spectrum. He’s high functioning, but I still, and always will, worry about him. 
I am curious to find out what caused Williams’s death, especially since it appears there was no foul play involved.
My heart goes out to his family.❤️

Anonymous July 5, 2019

Where are the majority of these commentors from? Yes, it was absolutely unnecessary for the cashier to comment on ANY purchase, especially a pregnancy test. It’s an invasion of privacy.
When I was about 19, I bought a home pregnancy test at a Navy Exchange, and although I know the cashier meant well when she said “OH! I hope it’s positive!” I would have preferred she’d said nothing at all. I wanted to explain my whole story to her, that I was scared. Back then, I looked older than I was, I made sure that I wore what looked like a wedding ring, (this was in 1993 or ‘94) and I was commonly mistaken for being a young military wife where I lived. In fact, I was still my dads dependent as a college student. I wasn’t in any way ready to be a parent, but I wasn’t sure how I would feel no matter what the result was. I had assumed I’d have children someday, but not that young, and while in college. But the thought of having a baby, although scary then, was also sweet. It was negative, btw.
I’ve worked for the Government on the State level and I’ve had access to some shocking records, such as vehicular homicide, and I NEVER felt the need to pass judgment or add my own 2 cents when reinstating them. I simply followed protocol and did my job.