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lauramichelebass February 23, 2021

This woman is not a licensed practising doctor and has no recent experience as one. She hasn’t practiced for almost 20 years.

lauramichelebass February 23, 2021

Also to the author- this ‘doctor’s thoughts are not scientifically proven. Please don’t state misleading information on a blog that the majority of readers are mothers/women who want a family. These are her OPINIONS, not evidence based facts. 

lauramichelebass February 23, 2021

This ‘doctor’ hasn’t actually practiced for almost 20 years, and all health professionals must maintain at least 20 - 50 hours of continuing professional development which I doubt very highly that she has done, as the evidence is robust in regards to natural childbirth and breastfeeding benefits. She claims that there is no evidence to support this, yet she doesn’t use any current statistics or evidence based research regarding her claims. It isn’t enough to simply ‘think’ something, you have to prove it either by conducting your own qualitative study and get it peer reviewed, or by researching and referencing academics and health professionals who have. She hasn’t practiced since the 90s/early 2000’s and I doubt very highly if she’s had anything to do with maternity since then, apart from writing this blog.

As far as homebirth goes, hospital birth is actually a new concept that started in the 1950s. There is overwhelming evidence based research into homebirth that for low risk, well women giving birth at home dramatically improves outcomes for the woman and her baby.

There is also overwhelming evidence that midwifery-led care (care provided by a known midwife throughout the entire pregnancy, birth and postnatal journey) is extremely beneficial to the woman and baby, and is the gold standard/best practice. This is stated by WHO (world health organisation) and backed up by numerous evidence based research.

She frequently states that natural childbirth, homebirth and breastfeeding is a ‘business’ and midwives, lactation consultants and childbirth educators push these ideas to make money. In actual fact, these things are cost saving not to just the women and families but for the economy. Obstetricians’ jobs are under threat if midwives are primary caregivers for women, hence why they are against midwifery-led care and although there is robust evidence to show that midwifery-led care and continuity of care is the best, they are never support it.

I am speaking about my knowledge and experiences in the maternity system in Australia.
I am a student midwife and am working to becoming a private practice midwife.
If you want to become educated on what women deserve, need and want I suggest everyone watch Birth Time documentary which was filmed in Australia and features numerous medical experts, midwives, obstetricians, lawyers, women and their partners.
here is the trailer.