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mazza August 25, 2023

@howtoexplain But I love this dinner!  And I'm not a man.  That would totally be my girldinner.

mazza July 28, 2023

Its not so much that I love Aidan, but this Gen X-er LOVED Chris in Northern Exposure so I just cannot get past that.

Team Aidan.
But hard agree - that jacket is hideous done all the way up to his chin.  Looser and undone, would be better....

mazza July 16, 2023

Fully shared bank accounts but we each have a personal account. We get weekly pocket money into the individual personal accounts for toys and presents so there is no hassle if you want something extra. 

mazza July 16, 2023

Not a millennial . Gen X. Remember a work conference where one of the team had a pregnant wife and we all spent the whole conference sending him page messages because every time his pager went off he had to call the message line to see if it was the baby arriving. Awful really but also so hilarious. 

mazza July 7, 2023

I cannot let this past. Big and Patrick cannot be mentioned in the same sentence. Big is ick and Patrick was wonderful. Just sayin’

mazza May 9, 2023

This....this is awesome.  Funny and for the love of god, not mean or condescending.  LOVE it!

mazza April 19, 2023

Disappointed that MamaMia saw the need to do this.

mazza April 15, 2023

My daughter introduced this term to me recently.  She has an older brother with autism.  I was horrified as I have never thought that her needs were overlooked in any way - and TBH her needs are more than his sometimes!!!  But it was useful for me to remember that focus needs to be shared.  I still need to focus on my son's needs a lot, but it reminds me to explain and help her understand what is going on at any given time. 

mazza March 21, 2023


Clare Murphy did actually say that they have invited Minns to come in but hadn't heard back from him.

mazza March 21, 2023

I have no problem with Gwyneth or anyone else eating (or not eating) whatever they want.  As someone who works in healthcare though I have a huge problem with promoting this sort of eating as 'wellness'.  And I cannot help but agree with Mia that this is promotion of diet culture, skinniness and body shaming, not a healthy lifestyle.  

mazza February 9, 2023

I thought exactly the same as Rosiecat.  My son is now 20 years old, nearly 21 and school was a breeze  compared to the 'real' adult world.  My son is the nicest person in the world and he is happy and kind and sensitive (just not so much to other people).  But the world is hard on those who are atypical, and I would love his road to be smoother.

mazza January 16, 2023

hahaha - I made a list when I was 30.  Then met a guy who literally ticked ONE box on the list (nice smile) and married him and that was 23 years ago so all means make a list, just remember to give someone a chance even if they don't meet all the list requirements, as long as they make you happy.....