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mamamia-user-37788940 October 13, 2021

Apparently the SAS will take people who've got a badly injured shoulder.

mamamia-user-37788940 April 18, 2021

Might feel more sympathy for Holgate if Australia Post had not become so self-centred and officious, when it needs to be a facilitative public service. For example during the bushfires for a number of important days it stopped essential deliveries in some places affected by smoke, without providing any alternative pickup point for the public to go and get the items - while other essential services provided skeleton staff with protective measures for the staff. Other examples - robotic phone answers; counter staff acting dismissive of passport documents for people who were citizens long before the staff had come into the world.

mamamia-user-37788940 November 17, 2020

A hollywood star once wrote that, in every performing group, one becomes a pariah to the others.  This happened when most of the group turned on Firass, a couple of episodes ago. They went to the DS to get Firass thrown out. The DS told them to make it work. Later, Firass was outside chopping the wood that was going to keep them all warm.  Candice was with him and talking to him. These two solid people, both of whom can deal with bile and ostracism, as well as perform all of the SAS tasks, have been rejected. Who would you want on your side in a street fight. 

mamamia-user-37788940 October 8, 2020

An improvement on Ep 1, with the women (aka "the girls") better in charge, and already making plain statements - they look to have been a good choice by the producers. The men scrubbed up fine and some sophistication was in evidence. Harry's lost expression though was amusing, when Elly far outdid him.  Regarding Adam - channeling Fabio? As for Adrian, wrote him off before the amethyst thing, when he referred to "chicks" looking you in the eyes like that. Not only did he drag out the clanger "chicks", but it was a serious downplay of Becky, whose powers in that department seem considerable.

mamamia-user-37788940 October 7, 2020

Exactly right pointing out the "birds", "chicks" and Harry picking the guy to date and the guys hanging around Harry for the date.

There was a line in "Sister Act" that went something like "Dis turns into a nun's bar, I'm outta here".

So, this turns into a guys' pick, I'm outta here.

En July 7, 2019

What if someone like Kyrgios happens to turn up in, say, the workplace.

En July 25, 2016

The federal government should ban the NT laws that allow this treatment of children.

En July 25, 2016

As long as the parents are happy whatever the child's sexuality or ultimate gender turns out to be.

En July 25, 2016

The federal government could pass legislation today prohibiting the NT from doing this. It has got the power, all it needs is a Bill with the words in it and everyone sitting there to vote on it.