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juzz_sayin February 4, 2021

He kinda looks like a young Ted Bundy in the first photo... eepy-cray.

juzz_sayin January 4, 2021

Or how about just using a spray-on sunscreen?  Banana Boat have a great range of translucent spray-ons.

juzz_sayin December 15, 2020

So when are we going to put restrictions on imports from China? Surely one of the key lessons from this year, is to support local businesses.

We live in a country that is primarily self-sufficient in every respect. We don't need to outsource coal, beef or wine imports because we have the best of everything here. And we most certainly don't need a whole lot of cheap, production-line goods. Instead of buying three spatulas, we'll just buy one. Inadvertently helping the environment too. Win win.

Australia, it's time to cut the apron strings. It is going to be a gradual process but it can and more importantly, needs to happen.

just_sayin' June 8, 2017

Some people are so dumb that they're dangerous.

just_sayin' April 6, 2017

You'd feel like a real dick after buying those

just_sayin' March 15, 2017

She's never getting another filling and her eyes are changing color? This girl be trippin'! In a few years she'll be known as Gummy Gibson. But at least she'll have nice multi-coloured eyes.

just_sayin' March 10, 2017

Similar to period pain? Yes. Times by 1000. At 4cm I was yelling out for my epidural. Full respect for those who have drug free births. Had I gone back for a second round, I would have asked for the epi as I was walking through the hospital entrance.

The only thing more painful than childbirth? Trying to sit still through three rounds of contractions at 4cm dilation so the epi doesn't paralyze you. Seriously, I think it would have been easier if someone had zapped my vajayjay with a Taser.

just_sayin' February 7, 2017

I'll never be able to watch this movie the same way again, knowing the torment that poor girl was going through. I also vaguely recall that she was put under extreme pressure to lose weight. So 'Dorothy' was sexually assaulted AND developed an eating disorder, which may well have been a catalyst for her drug abuse and eventual demise. Yup ... movie magic right there folks.

just_sayin' February 4, 2017

This is like watching the Fawlty Towers of politics. I think he's run for presidency for sh!ts and giggles and accidentally became the POTUS. He's probably more surprised than the rest of the world.

Impeachment perhaps, but if he keeps ruining international relations, he could well end up being assassinated. And not by a foreigner from one of the seven countries he wants banned .... it's going to be one of his own just to shut him the hell up.

just_sayin' January 31, 2017

Hi Shadie - check out the site Airtasker. Cheers!

just_sayin' January 27, 2017

The owner was still granted permission by the court to own one dog? That's on par with suggesting an alcoholic have one drink. WTactualF?

just_sayin' January 9, 2017

And still we are left with that age-old conundrum .... why some men think they should be dating supermodels when they look Mickey Rourke after a week-long bender.

'Sexy Ugly' can only take you so far.

just_sayin' January 9, 2017

....''Entitled' to live there rent free.' WTactualF?

and .... 'They can stay if they pay'????

Well at least now we know what Santa does for the rest of the year.

just_sayin' January 7, 2017

Now if Sarah just designed a pair of 'pubic hair play shoes', there'd be no scuffing or graffiti issues. Just a quick comb-through and VOILA!

just_sayin' November 14, 2016

I've just got one word for yeeeeeeeew groomy 'WAX' .... *someone puuuuuhleeeeease pass her the dental floss

just_sayin' October 4, 2016

Aussies want their laws, culture and traditions to be respected. And then you get a bunch of drunken tossers who not only disrespect another country's culture but actually break the law by doing so. Can you imagine the backlash if a group of Muslims turned up to a major Australian sporting match with Burqa's made out of the Australian flag? Can't have it both ways.

just_sayin' August 27, 2016

That is some of the most practical birthing / parenting advice that I've ever read. good old-fashioned common sense. Cath - I wish you'd been on hand when I gave birth two years ago to give me the 'formula advice'. I was in and out of hospital the same day I gave birth (by choice), and as a first time Mum at 43 .... did not have a clue. A wise sister told me to halve the advice I was given, halve it again - but most importantly - go with gut instinct. I found this amusing given that my maternal instinct prior to giving birth was around about 0%. But she was right. I relied on common sense and logic.

After being home for a week and trying my utmost to breastfeed (boobs were about to explode), a home nurse told me that our daughter was jaundice and losing too much weight. Took her straight to the hospital, the home nurse was right and I felt like the worst mother in the world. For two long hours, a breast-feeding expert poked, prodded, massaged and suction cupped my boobs (seriously WTF?) And still I was no closer to giving our bub a decent feed .... plenty of milk but she couldn't latch properly. Of course, I had been warned off evil formula by all of the maternity nurses telling me that breast is best.

FINALLY, a doctor suggested that I try some formula, as well as breast milk. My bff (and mother to three) was waiting at home for us that night with a great big can of formula and sterlised bottles - thank you guardian angel! That first bottle of formula I gave to our bub was chugged down in record time .... she had been starving. The following day, jaundice levels were back to normal and she was sleeping contentedly. nursing staff were amazed at the difference 'overnight', asking what we'd done differently. FORMULA.

Breast milk is best if it does what it needs to do. But keeping your baby alive and happy is somewhat more important.

just_sayin' April 1, 2015

LOL @ No.19 ... reminded me of my sister putting 50 cents into the plate at church - then attempting to take $5 change. I didn't know whether to be shocked or admire it.