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juzz_sayin April 1, 2024

I don't think any of these spineless keyboard warriors would say this to her face. Weak, pathetic trolls, getting their 5-seconds of shame-fame.

Rosie Batty - you are an amazingly courageous woman that your son would be proud of. Your story being retold is more relevant now, than ever. Domestic violence is not improving. And it is NOT being helped by misogynists representing our parliament. Of which, thankfully, they are the minority.

To try and make Rosie Batty's talks, books and appearances all about profit and seeking attention. Shame. On. You.

juzz_sayin March 14, 2024

@snorks he's not the property owner, just the maintenance guy. And even if he was the owner, restraining the kids with zip-ties just because they got caught in the pool, is unacceptable. If he couldn't get the kids to leave by asking them, then just call the police.

And quite clearly, the police thought he'd responded irrationally, too ... he was the only one charged following the incident.

juzz_sayin March 14, 2024

Oh, Billy ... never miss a good opportunity to shut the hell up.

juzz_sayin March 6, 2024

This is just so sad. Little kids. A great big burly man. He should be ashamed of himself. Surely he could have told them to leave the property and that would have sufficed.

If my siblings and I were restrained every time we got up to mischief as kids, then we wouldn't have had the adventurous childhoods that we had. We were told off a few times ... and deserved it.

But if anyone ever has the audacity to restrain my child with anything, they'd want to hope the police get to them first.

juzz_sayin February 4, 2024

Madeleine West ... you are brave, you are strong, and you are just fabulous. I am so sorry this happened to you as a child and truly hope that this small slice of justice helps you to heal.

There is no cure for child-predators. None. They simply need to be removed from society ... permanently.

juzz_sayin December 1, 2023

In breaking news ... WHO ... CARES? A private conversation that may or may not have happened. A commoner whose mother wanted a royal life for her, where she would want for nothing. A gold-digger wanting a prince for a husband. Umm ... there have been very few royal marriages based on love alone. Most unions have been motivated by political alliances or shock, horror ... money.

And when the conversation of colour came up ... maybe Kate was referring to the Ginger-Gene. I have many an Irish relative who've said a few dozen Hail Mary's, pleading with the high power to skip that gene. I recall an Irish friend telling me, ' I just want a healthy baby. That doesn't have red hair. '

Personally, I love red hair. But the fear amongst the Irish is real.

juzz_sayin October 24, 2023

Seriously? This is how certain individuals are now getting their 15-minutes of fame? I'm guessing they've never heard of people in glass houses. She made an inappropriate comment/s, has apologised and taken responsibility for it. It's not like she wrote a character reference for a friend who's been proven a sexual predator.

I guarantee that most of these 'keyboard warriors' ... actually, make that ALL, have said many inappropriate things throughout their lives. And if people dug deep enough, they could dish some dirt on them too. But guess what ... nobody cares.

Instead of creating an online witch-hunt to pick apart a comment from over a decade ago, why don't you go and make a real difference in the world? Look for solutions rather than obsessing over a throw away line.

juzz_sayin September 27, 2023

I binged the whole season this afternoon. One of the best shows I've EVER watched. Could. Not. Stop. Laughing.

From the koala scene, to the very naked scene, to the tap-dancing dingo. WTaF kept ringing out in my head but somehow, it all worked and was just hilarious. Kick Gurry - what a talent!

And were prosthetics used during the filming of this show? Just asking. For a friend.

juzz_sayin August 28, 2023

Nothing that same lovely, very expensive hair extensions can't sort out. Pretty much like the rest of her hair. Well, according to her Dave Letterman interview.

juzz_sayin July 24, 2023

Money & religion. Ain't it grand?

juzz_sayin June 18, 2023

Just love Jennifer. 'Nuff said. 

juzz_sayin February 4, 2021

He kinda looks like a young Ted Bundy in the first photo... eepy-cray.

juzz_sayin January 4, 2021

Or how about just using a spray-on sunscreen?  Banana Boat have a great range of translucent spray-ons.

juzz_sayin December 15, 2020

So when are we going to put restrictions on imports from China? Surely one of the key lessons from this year, is to support local businesses.

We live in a country that is primarily self-sufficient in every respect. We don't need to outsource coal, beef or wine imports because we have the best of everything here. And we most certainly don't need a whole lot of cheap, production-line goods. Instead of buying three spatulas, we'll just buy one. Inadvertently helping the environment too. Win win.

Australia, it's time to cut the apron strings. It is going to be a gradual process but it can and more importantly, needs to happen.

just_sayin' June 8, 2017

Some people are so dumb that they're dangerous.

just_sayin' April 6, 2017

You'd feel like a real dick after buying those

just_sayin' March 15, 2017

She's never getting another filling and her eyes are changing color? This girl be trippin'! In a few years she'll be known as Gummy Gibson. But at least she'll have nice multi-coloured eyes.

just_sayin' March 10, 2017

Similar to period pain? Yes. Times by 1000. At 4cm I was yelling out for my epidural. Full respect for those who have drug free births. Had I gone back for a second round, I would have asked for the epi as I was walking through the hospital entrance.

The only thing more painful than childbirth? Trying to sit still through three rounds of contractions at 4cm dilation so the epi doesn't paralyze you. Seriously, I think it would have been easier if someone had zapped my vajayjay with a Taser.

just_sayin' February 7, 2017

I'll never be able to watch this movie the same way again, knowing the torment that poor girl was going through. I also vaguely recall that she was put under extreme pressure to lose weight. So 'Dorothy' was sexually assaulted AND developed an eating disorder, which may well have been a catalyst for her drug abuse and eventual demise. Yup ... movie magic right there folks.

just_sayin' February 4, 2017

This is like watching the Fawlty Towers of politics. I think he's run for presidency for sh!ts and giggles and accidentally became the POTUS. He's probably more surprised than the rest of the world.

Impeachment perhaps, but if he keeps ruining international relations, he could well end up being assassinated. And not by a foreigner from one of the seven countries he wants banned .... it's going to be one of his own just to shut him the hell up.