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mamamia-user-930037014 July 12, 2021

Maya-the comment here-I appreciate your sarcasm-and the woman did say she was an 'over-achiever' - she probs set it up to be 'all-to everyone'... I agree! Hubsy needs to up his game and partners and wives everywhere need to let guys step up-get them trained and informed-talk about the domestics instead of being super-heroes and martyrs.. If the other half hasnt had the training or wherewithal - the skills are teachable- - - Values discussions required-you know-equality, access, opportunity, roles, sexism, duty of care, division of labour et al... 

ps: still in process over different levels of hygiene at my place...  

mamamia-user-930037014 April 27, 2021

@rachelanneb you said it- Training and i'll add:  dot point/simplify  the instructions-- Easy-peasy

mamamia-user-930037014 April 27, 2021

@wretched vanm thats is an excellent point you make! To generalise-we are trained pretty good- or have the aptitude-or whatever [not always of course, & cheering the folks that dont get on board with that stuff!]  And I also think its a way to show our love and care-doing taht stuff, and doing it competently. But it can eclipse the other person, their efforts, their attempts and be taklen the wrong way-like for granted. Actual equality  also means differentiation-in action and thought. 

mamamia-user-930037014 April 17, 2021

'Big Undie' - good one...hahaha! And  I have two things to add-wash that butt, - at least at home by getting a tap attached-or an amazing loo seat, and wear merino wool undies... waaaay more hygienic...

mamamia-user-930037014 February 3, 2021

@Chrisandalex, maybe its all a bit tongue-in-cheek to have the mum-martyrs/slaves to our children amongst us stop and laugh in aghast?

I agree entirely though-that perspective teaches them zero and they wont appreciate the princely treatment until-oh-24 years old or something.. 

I like to share the 'Love & Logic' persepctive on parenting-gets them ready for life on their own...Its going to happen!

mamamia-user-930037014 January 18, 2021

Congrats to this couple on their hard-won family, good to hear this story-it's importance and significance was noted...

I would definite;y have given feedback to the staff/ward. 
'Hello'-mother's in labour; sensitivity and vulnerability, perhaps unsureness and need for guidance and support, hope and hormones...what a combo! So hardly helped by a 'question' just prior to surgery. If the midwife wanted to offer an alternative (based on her subjective perspective) - I am sure that could have been offered in a way that wasnt exposing of the Mum and (inadvertently) shaming her-for her choices. 

I wonder if their training includes communication skills and bracketing 'yourself'in service of attunment and sensitivity...?
The 'red-hair' comment is of course the tired old meme and stereotype and is more opinion; what on earth makes these 'bustle-y-humoress-convivial types' think that the next birthing mum, is going to be interested in their sense of humor and perspective on society...or their newborn baby...!
I think the job is better based on attunement-attunement to the birthing Mum/her familial culture and deleting the midwife's objectionable statements and comments and questions...


mamamia-user-930037014 October 6, 2020

'Eliminate the Mystery'-agreed, such a complex landscape - the resultant body size a woman is...It's an interesting point you make-surviavl/evolution/fear; I imagine back in the earliest times there was zero prospect of eating with no exercise! You know - the nomadic - 'always moving' lifestyle.. I think the combo of sedentary/highlyprocessed foods and the psyche/psychological aspects to 'feeding/nourishing' are more at play.        I also think there is a biolgical component to the response/stigma in obesity; just like the biological aspect (plus more)of  'what's attractive'  in the other-on an essential level. 

And yes-it really is an individuals choice regarding their metabolism and lifestyle and consequences, leave it with them and 'overly involved' ppl, are just that; im sure rude slurs and the comments dont help - but one could ask- what support they might need-if they are asking!

mamamia-user-930037014 July 31, 2020

Concealer-find one that works best for you, in terms of applying and your type of skin; (I have been using Laura Mercier for years now-thank goodness it's back in AU!) Shading lighter and reflective those dark inner eye sockets, makes a nice diff-esp in photos... Can accentuate lips, and take away any shadowing that detracts more generally. 

As above-get into SPF 50+ asap !

mamamia-user-930037014 May 9, 2020

During this process of 'gazing at' Adele's form- I saw that as a very young woman, she was already 'over-weight' by some measure or margin of reasonable of larger-frame 'health'-seems pretty undeniable.
While it's 'disappointing' to over-weight women across the world-to see less diversity of body-shapes in the world stage; perhaps Adele found her groove, her experiment and doesnt want to be held up as some icon for the 'tricky/and or contentious figure' symbol...?
Isn't that, symbolising her, a bit cheeky?
I just hope she feels awesome!

And agree with comments mentioning-over-eating to the point where obesity becomes reality - - is a subjective phenomena for each of those folks; comprised of their emotions, feelings, sensations (or not) hormones, bodily systems, and then the impacts of relations/relationships/attachment/ care/love/hate/influence/education/support,
I imagine in a country like AU-dig deep and persistenlty enough and your are likely to access the support and guisdance needed, good luck...