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kathp September 19, 2020

@laura__palmer Absolutely CS are anti sex work, (quite common for feminists). But certainly not anti-sexuality or anti-abortion. Sexualisation is quite different to sexuality and the leaders of CS have various views on abortion which they purposely keep to themselves. Perhaps you are thinking of Womens Forum Australia? 

kathp September 16, 2020

Maybe society is finally catching on.

Collective Shout has been calling out the sexualisation if girls for over a decade, including getting rid of child pageants in Australia. Interestingly they are completely opposed to the showing of this film.

kathp September 15, 2020

It is hard to see how a movie that sexualises children is really the best way to argue against sexualising children. Was there truly no other way to bring attention to the cause?

kathp September 9, 2020

@lizbette at least it doesn't have the beige/ white diamond pattern mat that seemed obligatory a while back 

kathp August 23, 2020

I have read the end “note” about a dozen times. Surely this situation proves both? That for David, his sex and his gender were inextricably linked *and* the danger of having someone perform as the gender they don’t identify with.

I don’t think his case helps trans activists in any way as David wasn’t transgender. His medically altered outer body didn’t match his actual sex and his actual sex matched his gender identity. For trans people isn’t it that their outer body and actual sex don’t match their gender identity? The cases are not the same.

kathp June 23, 2020

Surely there is a bit of middle ground between naked house and puritanical opposition to nudity....

kathp May 23, 2020

Doesn’t sound like anyone here hasn’t much of a moral standard.

KatP April 8, 2020

Are you still thinking we need total lockdown? Or maybe that a little more freedom might be doable?

KatP March 28, 2020

He left it a bit late though!

KatP March 28, 2020

With the cruise ships he’s damned either way.
From a humanitarian perspective sending them away is unthinkable (where would we send them?); bringing them here is potentially endangering the lives of Australians.

KatP March 28, 2020

The point is that the balance of experts currently don’t think that hard and fast “has to be”.

The hairdresser thing - I think he’s trying to allow as many people as possible to keep their jobs. So viewing from a business perspective, not from a person desiring a hair cut perspective. Ultimately though, I don’t think we need to understand the “why” of these rules, we just have to abide by them as best we can and thank our lucky stars it isn’t our job to come up with the rules

KatP March 26, 2020

NZ may be looking at a level of lockdown and closed borders until a vaccine is available. Does that appeal to many people?

KatP March 26, 2020

I know - NZ might have to close their borders until a vaccine is available! Crazy

KatP March 26, 2020

He also appointed other panels to advise. Go8 were just one of three or four. And the Go8 were not in unanimous agreement.

KatP March 25, 2020

It wasn’t unanimous advice from Go8 unis and there are other people involved in consulting as well. He acted on the balance of advice.

If you want to lock yourself down then I don’t think there is anything preventing anyone

KatP March 25, 2020

Maybe all the people who think we should be totally locked down could just impose that on themselves without waiting/ needing to be told. I think everyone is underestimating how difficult life is going to be for the next few months.

I am not a fan of the PM but I can’t believe he is not acting in good faith and with the desire to save as many lives as possible.

KatP March 22, 2020

But they won’t be infecting anyone at present because the virus is still in a miniscule and statistically insignificant numbers of schools. There is very little evidence of community transmission *as yet* which is why schools are safe to attend at the moment.

If we rush into shutting things down, we make it drag on longer. There is still plenty of capacity in our health system. We have 11 serious cases. Seriously draconian measures would be required to fully clamp down and it simply makes more sense to let things follow a certain type of trajectory. Which is why schools are safe to attend at the moment. If they are shut down after the easter break, the shutdown will be shorter.

KatP March 22, 2020

I think it’s because of the demographic who read this website. Teachers are more or less white collar professionals and so there is more of a chance of readers identifying with them than (say) the supermarket check out operator or the bus driver - both of whom are far more at risk. But yes, teachers are certainly not coming over very well with all these stories. *everyone* is being called to go above and beyond.

KatP March 18, 2020

It sounds a little like you are saying there are very few men providing essential services. I’d be very surprised if that were the case. Teachers and nurses are probably overwhelmingly female. Other positions not so much

KatP March 18, 2020

He’s probably also thinking of supermarket workers, emergency services, cleaning staff, maintenance and IT

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