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kathp December 1, 2020

@laura__palmer we already have those laws. They don't seem to have any impact on the men who need to understand them most.

I don't believe that consent laws and education do enough to protect women. In fact, when violent porn is normalised and women are continually objectified and sexualised to the point where it is barely noticed or remarked upon, I think the battle is lost.

kathp November 30, 2020

@fightofyourlife where did I say I'd not heard of Christians who don't believe what the Bible says?

kathp November 30, 2020

@laura__palmer I think it is a little inconsistent to argue for the abolition of categories in certain instances and the maintenance of them in others.

kathp November 30, 2020

@cat I didn't know Jodie Foster was a producer! Not that that's surprising as I doubt I could name more than five producers full stop. Hollywood movies are not my favourite, so I probably see more representation than your average movie goer, but Wikipedia has a very very long list of gay/ lesbian/ bi/ trans producers. No idea how successful they are but they all have their own Wikipedia pages.

Perhaps they are all just wanting to live their best lives quietly and without fuss over their orientation and therefore keep their private lives private. Not very Hollywood, but probably fairly wise. 

kathp November 28, 2020

@km both.

kathp November 28, 2020

@laura__palmer how does consent help someone not be raped?

By the time it gets to legalities and courts of law the damage is done. Consent law makes getting a conviction easier, we obviously need it, but as an actual defence it sucks.

kathp November 28, 2020

It's controversial for a Christian to believe the bible's teaching on marriage and homosexuality? Gee! I've gotta get out more!

In Christian circles it's way more controversial to *not* subscribe to the teaching of the Bible - it being, like, the main text and all.

kathp November 27, 2020

Why would an actor *want* to be pigeon-holed into a part based exclusively on who they are? Sounds like the career kiss of death to me. All the rubbishy actors are just playing themselves rather than acting and it's so very dreary to watch.

If transwomen are true women, and transmen are true men, I don't see any issue with them being played by bio women or men. If there is an issue, I'm sure someone will explain it to me here.

kathp November 27, 2020

@beachgirl because having naked photos circulate the universe isn't amazing and inspiring to everyone? 

kathp November 26, 2020

@stacey.hamade it may be a very good way to explain or describe consent, but it relies on people actually doing the right thing. Consent/ lack of consent is no defence against someone determined to rape you. It is more flimsy than a piece of paper.

kathp November 26, 2020

@anonymous if anything, this shows that education is not the answer. The parents have done that bit. The mates have understood. Education has to be backed up by actually doing the right things.

And in the case of teenagers - parents need to step in and discipline them. 

kathp November 26, 2020

@random dude decent men will always be appalled, and probably disbelieving of the extent of such attitudes because they don't hold them themselves and quite probably don't hang around with men who do. So they're in a decent man bubble. Which is nice in its way.

kathp November 25, 2020

@cat Not sure it's most men. But essentially I don't disagree with you. Plenty of men are too willing to not only accept violence against women, but glorify it as fantasy and entertainment.

In fact, I can see why some men resort to qualifiers and intensifiers when they speak of abuses in an effort to distance themselves from men/boys that are like the subject of this article.

kathp November 24, 2020

@mamamia-user-482898552 mine was too! I thought maybe because we cast aspersions on porn being a good thing?

kathp November 24, 2020

@cat not just "as a human"? ;)

kathp November 22, 2020

This story is an important follow up. Thank you 60 minutes.
The poor mum and that poor little baby. I wonder how things will turn out for them.

Am I the only one to cheekily notice that she says "being a woman ourselves"? 

kathp November 21, 2020

Welcome to the generation of teens who learn much of what they know about sex from porn.

kathp November 15, 2020

@cat no, not really. I'm not into double standards. Cast your mind back to when a certain sportsperson mentioned who was going to hell. I personally thought it was an unhelpful, simplistic and overly divisive way to frame a comment on an issue that raises such strong feelings. Same again here. Just because I agree with what one says and not the other I don't think it excuses the divisiveness it fuels. Which is what Madeleine Albright said when she retracted her comment about women not voting for Hilary.

And it's also what I believe Biden means when he encouraged people not to view political opponents as enemies. We would all do well to not demonise those we disagree with. As you can see from a brief glance at news headlines, it is not the way forwards.

kathp November 12, 2020

@anonymous so all conservative women are going to hell? And it's fine for other women to not support conservative women, (no hell punishment from Madeleine Albright on that account)?

Kinda hard to work out whether or not people are being ironic here.

kathp November 12, 2020

@anonymous which women must we support to avoid hell? Only the democrats? Labor party? Greens voters? Doesn't even saying that tear down women?

There are limitations to using that phrase and even Madeleine admitted that and apologised for using it to try and garner support for Hilary Clinton.