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anke.nagelems July 25, 2023

The Indigenous Roos (men and women teams) have been playing in the Arafura Games in Darwin since 2018 and the Yapas team became the first Indigenous women’s team to play in an Australian first division competition after they were added to the Darwin Women’s Premier League in 2020.  It is proof that FFA and Football NT does a lot for young indigenous players in the NT.  Adelaide Utd and Melbourne City players have come on a regular basis to the NT and have run clinics not only  in the centres but in the communities  as well.  (PS: there are 2 indigenous players in the Matilda's WC squad.  That's 2 more than in the current Soccerroos squad)

anke.nagelems May 15, 2023

I also wish to add that even if they come on a temporary visa, they can still gain permanent residency once they are here. At the moment there is an unprecedented demand for skilled workers in Australia and even more in regional Australia. And these arrangements usually benefit both parties: employer and migrant. Unlike some of the horror stories about workers exploitation that surface from time to time, the majority of employers actually do the right thing and they rarely get reported on. This system also ensures that the migrant actually works in their field and contributes to Australia's economy and does not become another Uber driver. 

anke.nagelems October 3, 2022

Whilst I'm not condoning his fat-phobic and at times misogynistic comments, his tone and comments in general must be seen in the context of Lagerfeld's background and upbringing, something that people from an English-speaking background frequently do not understand. I remember listening to his interviews given in German instead of one of the many other languages he did not learn to speak until he was an adult and noticed a marked difference in nuance, especially when it came to his wit, and use of irony and sarcasm. He was also addicted to remaining relevant.

All of this makes a complicated person making at times controversial remarks. A bid to remain relevant by sparking outrage or his real opinions?
Lagerfeld was an innovator of fashion, that is a fact and why his art should be praised. Or is this once again a dilemma where we cannot/must not separate art from the person?

anke.nagelems August 10, 2022

With regards to article 1 about the Scottish family: please do not use the word "deportation". This family is not being deported. They were on a Bridging Visa E that was going to expire and they were supposed to depart. This bridging visa has now probably been extended or maybe replaced with a different visa to allow them to make a further visa application. Whilst they finally seem to have good representation, they appear to have had some bad advice (did not try visa pathways that were available), had bad luck with employers, and appear to have relied on others without doing their own checks & research or getting independent competent legal advise until now.

The news coverage overall has been loose with the language, and any comparison with the Biloela family is unfactual and incorrect.

anke.nagelems March 27, 2022

Hmmm, Marlee Matlin won the Oscar as best actress for Children of a Lesser God in 1986.

anke.nagelems November 2, 2021

@laura__palmer Actually my husband is a real estate agent and has been for 30+ years.  The current situation with regards to housing prices and rental prices due to Covid and our low interest rates is unprecedented.  I concede that if  you are looking right now at getting into the real estate game, you will be buying at the peak of the market, regardless where you are.  And that is never a good way to start.  At the same time, all experts in the real industry Australia-wide are saying that this Covid-bubble as they call it, will burst soon and the market will level out again.  Probably not in Sydney or in Melbourne, those cities seem to have their own set of rules.  Real Estate is a very long game and timing is just as important as location.  

anke.nagelems November 1, 2021

@cat girl  I actually live in Alice Springs and I will not take offense at your comments LOL.  But you could buy something in regional NSW or VIC, rent that out whilst still living in Sydney.  I just did a random search for real estate in NSW with a maximum price of $375K and got more than 3000 listings and somethin similar for Victoria.  Think outside the box, use the regional property as your equity for a unit later in Sydney.  So many city dwellers are now looking for a tree change (following covid), which means rental returns in the regions are currently quite good.

anke.nagelems November 1, 2021

Whilst I feel sorry for anybody living in Sydney, it is not the only housing market in Australia.  The median prices are an incorrect reflection of the real housing costs, because they will also reflect the crazy prices in Sydney.  And yes, we have just seen an unusual boom of the housing market across Australia but this will settle too post-covid.  Average house prices in other cities and in most regional areas is still very affordable and a perfect entry to the Australian real estate dream.  Why not get started with an affordable house/unit in a different location and keep renting in Sydney.  The rental income should off-set your mortgage and you will be able to have a useful asset for the future.