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misschablis June 4, 2020

Whoever gave her the advice about becoming a bankruptee has done her a grave dis-service.  It was lazy advice. Bankruptcy is the island of absolutely the last resort.  Looking at that budget, there is a huge amount of fat which could be trimmed. I fully understand about reduced income. An appointment with a reputable financial counselling agency through the Salvation Army or another non for profit organisation, should have been the very first option, not debt management agency, vastly different.  It’s too late now, but as a 35 year old woman who is fully responsible for her livelihood, it was a grave error of judgment. It would haven been better to claw down some superannuation under the new rules, pay out the car and then either sell it or downtrade, cut up the credit cards, ditch the streaming services, shop at Aldi if not already, and I could go on. This bankruptcy will preclude you from entering into any future financial agreements for quite a few years and will remain on your financial credit score for many years, impeding your ability to even move house. I wish her good fortune, but next time before making such a decision, talk it over with professionals. 

misschablis May 29, 2020

Clearly you understand your friend is in danger and you feel those emotions. Encourage her to seek practical assistance from Orange Door (Victoria) or the equivalent if she resides in another State or Territory.  They can assist her both in a psychological and practical sense. Without alarming your friend, get her to check for spyware on her phone (if he has been in a position to possibly be near/use it) as well as her vehicle for tracking. These are common methods used by abusers to try and stay in control. Try and get her to Make an appointment with a sergeant at the police station to discuss concerns and have them fully documented by insisting on making a report; police cannot refuse, also get the police person’s badge number. Men such as him can be placed on a watch list and spoken to by police, but an intervention order, based on texts, phone calls and other behaviour would strengthen the police response. Tell her to get a post office box so he can not access her mail. Your friend is paralysed by fear which is very common

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