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omollee December 22, 2022

My friends and I did a “buy nothing” secret Santa this year, only being able to get our gifts from the local buy nothing Facebook pages. It was so fun!

omollee October 6, 2022

I also agree that Ava looks a lot like her dad. If she didn’t have the same blonde hair het and her mum would look a lot less similar. Her smile is definitely different to Reese’s as is her nose. 

omollee January 2, 2022

@beachhouse84 that’s a super negative way to look at it! I find my two children much more rewarding than they are challenging, and having two extra personalities added to our household has made it anything but lonely. The thanks comes in the form of my kids enjoying their lives and learning to be good members of society.

omollee June 16, 2021

Seriously??? This list must be just to get a grumpy response. Half the shows you posted are so unknown they should def not make the list. Friends should 100% be number 1 and Seinfeld (on which I’d argue ALL of the characters are a million times more annoying than Ross) should be lower down. 

omollee June 7, 2021

My husband also recently found out (at 38 years old) that he is an identical NOT fraternal twin. I was the one that insisted they get tested as I wanted to know if my daughters were likely to have twins, but as having identical twins is not genetically passed on they aren’t any more likely to have twins than anyone else. I found it fascinating but they (my husband and his identical twin!) didn’t seem phased 🤷🏼‍♀️