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mareehut September 2, 2023

Isn’t it meant to be one injection a week? Taking four at a time is like injecting yourself with a months worth of diabetes medication… she is really lucky she didn’t die… I get that people want to try ozempic… just do it safely and under a doctor’s supervision. 

mareehut June 16, 2023

So needed this… my family structure has changed… but I’m no longer constantly breaking myself trying to hold up walls whilst the foundation is crumbling. 

mareehut May 10, 2023

My maternal grandfather died when my Mother was only 13 months old… He was only 36… Her stepfather came along when she was 5 and he was a fair bit older (50) He lived until 86 years old… I guess my point is, time is never guaranteed… also I think men calm down and are more attentive to their loved ones when they’re older… they become more patient… I guess we just need to be grateful of the parents and Grandparents we have… for however long we have them. 

mareehut March 4, 2023

I used to be self conscious about wearing shorts as I have faded stretch marks on the backs of my calves and all over my thighs… but comfort and cool win in Summer… and I’ve gotten more confident about it as I’m now 44 and as you said ‘literally no one cares!’ 

mareehut January 25, 2023

I think Damien is creepy and controlling 

mareehut October 11, 2022

I’m so glad you are well and made it through that awful time… I was worried for awhile that you weren’t going to make it.