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pod clock January 27, 2021

One of the reasons I adore Marlene Dietrich is that she turned down and offer from Hitler to make her a star. He also made that offer to a film director called Leni Riefenstahl who accepted. Leni Who you say? I think you get my point

pod clock August 26, 2020

Weight shaming is a hidden source of age exclusion. At 54 most of my friends have a bit of extra weight.

pod clock August 21, 2020

A woman in the same ward as my ex wife had triplets from her first pregnancy. She was also paraplegic 😲.

pod clock August 9, 2020

I often had the mental image of a wild western dentist with one knee braced against the patient's chest while he pulled words from Mum's mouth. 

pod clock August 8, 2020

I love science fiction especially robots and AI characters. Artificial Intelligence is one of my favourite movies (watched the dvd again this week) but more for cheeky Jude Law as Gigolo Joe. Hayley cries a fair bit in AI and I DID wonder how they got him to do that but he says it was all good fun so it's all good.

pod clock August 6, 2020

Comedy often first manifests in a person as a way of compensating for some perceived defect: it helps the un-popular get popular. The comedian who has private issues is a cliche but a cliche with a core of truth. John Cleese famously dealt with his issues and then turned his back on comedy. 

Why is it when something is wrong with our guts the reaction is sympathy but if something is wrong with our heads the reaction is hate?

pod clock July 7, 2020

White, brown, yellow, rich, poor, the planet can't afford for the indulgence of large families.

pod clock July 6, 2020

Who else finds the term "thought leader" a bit eerie? "Dankenfuhrer".

pod clock June 26, 2020

I was asked my heritage (where I came from) because, unlike Australians I apparently, "talk like a Pom". When I said Scots on one side and Cornish on the other they telescoped that into me being English. I had to explain that in Scotland and Cornwall the (hated) English are seen as foreign invaders. They have different languages and were separate kingdoms until the Normans came along.

Also, I acknowledge white privilege is a thing but as a social security recipient with mental illness I don't see much of it especially at the hands of government agencies.

pod clock June 26, 2020

Blot's headlines in all caps make him look like the conspiracy theorist he is.

pod clock June 13, 2020

Yawn. You lost me when you intimated that games cause bad behaviour which is a long debunked myth. 

Pod Clock April 28, 2020

I would add The Cat in The Hat for how to have adventures even when you can't go outside. Or almost any of the Moomin books for empathy building and theory of other.

cybernetichero December 3, 2019

I wonder if Charles has ever seen King Ralph.

cybernetichero November 12, 2019

Except the import of what I said is at least partly that young women also go grey.

cybernetichero November 12, 2019

I had to leave Facebook for my mental health. Ironic that I should be using the relict account to say this.

cybernetichero November 10, 2019

Marge Simpson has been grey "since the seventh grade" and she is widely considered an attractive woman (both Chief Wiggum and Moe have tried to poach her from Homer).

cybernetichero August 30, 2019

I am on the Disability Pension with mental illness. I don't know for certain if it has anything to do with the encephalitis I suffered as a complication of measles (I've had a number of diagnoses, pick one) or not but there's a pretty good circumstantial case IMO.

cybernetichero June 13, 2019

Again Queensland terrorists destroy Adelaide's water with their greed. Australia only has one real river system and it's dying.

cybernetichero April 18, 2019

I was going to comment "who?" but went to IMDB and read her entry and now I have to say: Who?