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melanie k August 26, 2023

On the way today to visit my Dad who has a slowly progressing form of dementia, I relate to so much of this. This “long goodbye” is so hard and many of us in middle age are dealing with it. 

melanie k May 6, 2023

I’m the coverage I watched (ABC) Harry arrived with Eugenie, Beatrice and their husbands and walked down the centre isle between the two couples. 

melanie k November 19, 2022

If you look in places like Twitter (for how ever long that lasts) there is ongoing discussion about long Covid among doctors and scientists worldwide. While most recognise that the heavy measures to prevent Covid infections of 2021/22 will not be accepted in 2022, there is much that could still be done to improve air quality via ventilation and filtration yet almost no public health messaging. Society seems to have quietly decided that those who end up with long term health issues are acceptable collateral damage so that the majority (hopefully) can pretend Covid is over and just live life like it’s 2019. In the meantime, long Covid clinics have huge waiting lists and the molecular science that points towards potential longer term problems from Covid infection is concerning. It’s a bizarre world to live in.

mamamia-user-427454961 April 25, 2022

As an average white woman I have done this - to a client I saw out of context - and it’s MORTIFYING!! And this is despite the fact my first boyfriend was Malay/Chinese and I loved his large family. I wished the ground would swallow me. I still shudder when I think about it. I can only apologise On behalf of everyone like me who has done this and didn’t think it was funny at all. 

mamamia-user-427454961 March 8, 2022

@daffodil  You need to provide checksble data sources not just internet rumour when you make comments like this. If you truly believe doctors and researchers all over the world, who dedicate their lives to saving and improving the lives of others, are encouraging people to have vaccinations that will be more likely to harm than benefit then, I just feel sad for you. You must live in fear of even having to go to the GP.

mamamia-user-427454961 January 24, 2022

The problem with this, and all similar sentiments, is that it means two things. 

1. That you assume the spread of Covid into WA won’t affect your loved ones. You almost certainly don’t expect they themselves will die. Which is reasonable given that statistically the risk is very low individually. The problem is that on a population level, people will die. This means that-
2. In order for you to see your loved ones, you are ok that for some people, they will lose their loved ones and never see them ever again.

mamamia-user-427454961 December 18, 2021

@km As even mild Covid can result in significant long term health problems, case numbers are very important. People in healthcare are aware of this. I’m sure the politicians are too, I just don’t think it fits their agenda. WA Professor discussing these issues just prior to Omicron: 

mamamia-user-427454961 August 2, 2020

The whole Bula banquet/MAFS thing is putting me off. I don’t watch MAFS. 

Pretty sure Ciarran referred to Kiki as Malibu Barbie not ‘little blue Barbie’ Which makes more sense. Possibly the only thing that actually made sense in the whole episode. 

Melanie King September 24, 2019

Clare has made one fundamental mistake here. She is attempting to take the Masked Singer seriously. If you let that go you will enjoy it just as much as I did! 😃

Melanie King March 24, 2019

If anyone is really interested in a different type of look at this case there is a two hour analysis of one of the McCann’s interviews by a US statement analysis expert on YouTube. Search for ‘The McCann’s statement analysis’.

Melanie King March 24, 2019

I agree Kelly S. If you search YouTube for ‘McCanns statement analysis’ there are two hours of a US expert reviewing an interview with the McCanns. His conclusions support the evidence of the original investigations. I always felt like there was something off about them when I watched them interviewed...

Melanie King November 27, 2018

I also love Love Actually, but always thought it is holding a (rather perfectly polished) mirror up to those issues, not condoning them at all.

As far as the endings go, isn’t it true that love does not always run smoothly? The movie reflects this in all loves pain and glory. But it’s still love.