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orcas November 4, 2023

I didn't expect this to resonate so much but it really did. Especially wanting to live in a little familial cave, which is something I find myself craving so much and was starting to wonder if my desire to just block everything else out and spend time together was symptomatic of some sort of crisis. Life feels so noisy right now, and they are all I need sometimes. 

orcas August 5, 2023

@mamamia-user-10757870 your article is not factually correct.

You have claimed that "No less than 1623 times did he allegedly find the opportunity within the walls of a childcare centre to rape a child." When in fact other sources suggest "the former childcare worker’s 1623 charges include 136 counts of rape and 110 counts of sexual intercourse with a child under 10."

The outcome is no less heinous, but I would have thought a major news publication might need to be a little more careful about the terminology? 

And I agree with the above, a more balanced article considering other aspects of the proposal would have been valuable. What about the right to privacy of the educators and children? what about the security of all that footage? what about private spaces such as bathrooms? It's a very nuanced concept that needs to be dissected.

orcas July 6, 2023

It's really important that you familiarise yourself with what your public hospital can offer as they are all different. My public hospital has private rooms with ensuites only. I was able to access the Midwife Group Practice with one midwife for all appointments and my water birth. The food was very ordinary, but I was home in 24 hours and the midwife was on my doorstep the next morning. I have no doubt the comfort and service offering in private care is exceptional. My own experience of the public system was great, without the private costs.

caroline.anthony July 6, 2023

@lizzybus sure, but if you go private you've paid the taxes and the private costs, so it's a moot point.