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Dr Pepper June 21, 2017

Umm, no. This is not accurate at all.

Freelee lost her period for a few months when she first stopped using her hormone birth control (the pill). She uses it as an example of how unhealthy her body was back then. She was abusing drugs and had an eating disorder before going vegan. She has stated SEVERAL TIMES that she does not think it's healthy to lose your period and she has it regularly.

Dr Pepper May 31, 2016

Did you seriously just ask a complete stranger what their sperm count is??! Do you not understand how rude that is, how that's crossing a line??!! You need to check yourself and do some serious self-reflection. Never, EVER is it acceptable to ask a stranger such a question. Who the hell do you think you are?!
I actually typed out a huge response to each of your points, pointing out how each thing you brought up was ridiculous, hypocritical and outdated stereotypes but for some reason it didn't post. But now I'm glad it didn't. I was way too nice and way too patient. What I should have said is this: Why the hell are you attacking me and asking me private questions about my life when i haven't done either to you? Are you really that threatened by someone leading a happy, HEALTHY, cruelty-free life that the first thing you want to do is spew hateful ignorance? I haven't asked you any private questions about your life because I know how to mind my own business, which you obviously not. You do not have any kind of even simple grasp on veganism, logic, science, evolution or how the economy works. Please educate yourself before jumping the gun and embarrassing yourself again. Stop preaching your ignorance, asking strangers questions about their life that are WAY out of line (and stupid), get off your high horse and thinking you're better, stop trying to "catch vegans out" by assuming some part of our life is going to be hypocritical (it's not). No I do not take supplements or wear leather etc, not that I should even be telling you because it's NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. Now, grow some damn manners and go get educated before trying to shit on people who ARE making the world a better place while you do absolutely nothing to contribute and STOP spreading ridiculous misinformation.

BTW, to answer your RUDE AS HELL question, my sperm count is 0. Because I'm not a freaking man!! I know plenty of vegan men and they have no fertility problems, thank you very much.

Dr Pepper May 29, 2016

"Animal cruelty? What about your plant cruelty?" Plants do not have a brain or a central nervous system. The jury is still out as to whether plants actually 'feel' anything that resembles pain, but if they do it is still glaringly obvious animals DO feel pain and have many emotions much like people. If you're so worried about plant cruelty, why are you not bothered about animal cruelty?

"If we didn’t eat animals, they would quickly overpopulate the planet and most likely starve to death. Stop rejecting evolution." This is not evolution. We are not going to have a cow as a PM anytime soon, so animals are not going to over-populate, or take over, or anything else as ridiculous as this. They're breeding is completely controlled by humans. This goes back to supply and demand. Basic economics. The less people consume animal products, the less animals will be bred.

"If we didn’t milk cows, their udders would explode and they would die. Stop pontificating animal cruelty." This is complete BS. Cows udders do not "explode" (what are you, 12?). Cows produce milk for their young, like humans (and other mammals) do. Cows must have a baby to produce milk, they do not spontaneously produce it. The calves are taken away from the cows at birth or shortly after. If the calves were left with their mothers, they would drink the milk that is rightly meant for them. There will be no exploding udders for gods sake.

"Humans are meant to eat meat. Stop rejecting evolution." Again, this is not evolution as humans are biologically and physically 100% built to be herbivorous. Humans consume the flesh of animals due to tradition and taste. We have no need to consume it and we do not get any health benefits at all. This is why consumption of animal products is linked to 13 of the 15 top causes of death.

"Humans are more intelligent than other animals and so we have the right to do what we want with them. Stop rejecting common sense." Human babies are not intelligent. Do you promote the killing and torture them, too? What about mentally impared humans? Who said animals are not intelligent, anyway? Pigs are as smart as a 3 yr old toddler and can be taught tricks. As can cows, chickens etc. Considering yourself above other life-forms does not give you the excuse to cause them pain and suffering.

"If it’s wrong to kill animals, should tigers and other predators stop eating other animals too? Stop rejecting evolution." These are wild animals, and natural meat eaters. They do not go to the supermarket for their food. When lions start farming animals, purposely mutilating their genitalia, exploiting their reproductive systems and ruining the environment, all the whilst profiting from it, then we'll talk.

"Living a vegetarian (vegan) Lifestyle is Too Expensive. Stop being so greedy and insensitive to the poor." Animal products are among the most expensive items at the supermarket. Many people live vegan out of necessity because they can't afford meat etc. How about you stop being so greedy and think about someone other than yourself for once. I am in no way well off but I can easily afford veggies, fruit, beans, pasta and rice.

"Animals don’t have feelings. Stop rejecting evolution." Why does a dog wag it's tail? Because it's happy. Why does a cow bellow for days after having their calf taken away? Because they are grieving the loss of their baby (who they never see again, btw). Why does an animal cower after being hit? Because they're scared of being hit again. How about you stop ignoring the fact all your arguments are stupid and completely baseless? Animals have been shown to grieve the death of their family and social group members. just because they speak a different language to you or look different to you, it does not mean they do not think or feel.

"If everyone became vegan, all those farmers would be out of business. Stop rejecting basic economy." Good. I would love to see the day animal farmers are put out of business. They exploit others for profit. Do you want to see sex traffickers put out of a job? Tobacco farmers? they can evolve into farming plants and make bank or they can continue to go against the grain and end up broke and lose their farm. It's their choice.They just need to stop hurting animals. Basic economy? Considering you do not understand the basic concept of supply and demand, maybe you should do some research.

"A vegan diet isn’t healthy. Stop rejecting health science." It's actually healthier than a omnivorous and even vegetarian diet. Try again!

"If we didn’t test on animals a lot of people would die from unsafe drugs. Stop rejecting health science." Animal testing is a disgusting practice which is actually in the process of being phased out all over the world. Maybe you should go and cry about this somewhere else.
And while you're there, how about coming up with an argument that actually makes sense instead of taking a page out of "Ignorant Meat Eater 101". Always interesting to talk to someone who is pro-animal cruelty though.

Dr Pepper May 28, 2016

Yes!!! Ditch the dairy!! Wean yourself off the cow infant formula, people.
By buying dairy products you're directly contributing to animal cruelty.

Thank you Susanna, for being the voice of reason in this sea of people who couldn't care less about supporting animal cruelty.

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