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1990 February 21, 2024

Please explain how so many people (young fans) missed out on tickets yet every influencer, media personality, tv presenters and radio jocks all got tickets? 

1990 February 17, 2024

This is a publicity stunt from a failing PM. 

1990 January 17, 2024

I agree with all of these except for coffee table books! 

1990 January 8, 2024

A mazing was my favourite! 

1990 November 6, 2023

I think people today over share. You didn’t need to share with your readers that you had a child. That is private. Well done for protecting your child.  It is nobody’s business. I feel these babies and children whose lives are being completely shared on Instagram are going to turn on their parents. 

1990 October 15, 2023

The people have spoken Albo, unfortunately we just needed more info. He failed to sell it to the Australian people. Sad 😞 

1990 August 25, 2023

Does anyone know where you can stream Now and then in Australia? I can’t find it anywhere 😞

1990 March 2, 2023

This move has made me vote for him! Albanese has my vote now! 

1990 March 2, 2023

@1990 how does this comment not meet your standards? 

1990 December 8, 2022

This documentary is amazing! Finally we are hearing the truth! I think Meghan is an incredible woman and they are such a loving modern couple. They are deserving of every award they have received. They are brave for calling out the royal family. Meghan has been accused of being a bully to her staff and to Kate. Accused of making Kate cry before the wedding but it is all lies! I just wish everyone would stop hating on them.

1990 August 29, 2022

Fantastic 100 days so far!