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3boysandme December 29, 2020

My best friend did this to me. She made it quite clear that I had lost her respect choosing to stay at home. It devasted me. The thing is I was struck with anxiety when I tried to return part time. Everyone is different and I just couldnt cope. I work part time now but unfortunately she was right, I have done myself out of a career and a decent job and find myself to be a very bored and unsatisfied mother of teenagers who dont need me. Its wise to make some plans to return to work sooner rather than later. 

3boysandme November 11, 2020

This happened to me! I was totally gobsmacked.  The thing that blew my mind was that my child had already been to his birthday party AND spent most of his weekend with this friend and was then asked to take a day off school. It was a no way hosay from me. 

3boysandme November 8, 2020

I'm seeing a lot of articles about clearing out friendship groups. Its fine for those of you have plenty of friends and can easily make new ones but the older you get the harder it is to make friends. Sometimes our friends arent perfect and dont fulfill us every time we catch up. They are hit and miss. Sometimes there are good times and sometimes there isnt.   I would hope that you would give your friendships the respect that they deserve and maybe wind them back a bit before you just totaly ditch them. Somtimes they come to fruition at a later stage in your life.  

3boysandme September 23, 2020

How beautifully written.  Had me in tears. Tears over these poor women and their families and tears for my 20 something self who had to live in fear at the end of every night out in Perth and having to try and safely make my way home. 

3boysandme August 5, 2020

Wow so many negative comments. Soo much of this resonates with me and a few 40 something mums I know. It's almost like you were a fly on the wall listening to our conversations. Thank you for sharing the darker thoughts in your life.  I hope there is light also. I think the article should've just been titled ' To some 40 something mums' and then so many people wouldn't be shouting at you.